12 September 2022 Article

The Ultimate of New HSC Crane Series : SCX1000HD-3

With the superior performance of the HD series, As a successor model to the original, Sumitomo Corporation released a new series, the SCX1000HD-3, which has been further refined for high-level performance. In addition, SCX1000HD-3 has advantages that distinguish it from the previous series, including:

Unsurpassed capabilities truly shine on tough worksites.

The SCX1000HD -3 has the HD series' superior capabilities to meet the demands of high loads and repetitive work. Power has also been increased to reach a lifting capacity of 100 tonnes, coupled with the synchronized operation required for foundation work and providing smooth and accurate operation on various jobs, from trenching for diaphragm walls to foundation construction. The SCX1000HD-3 also has the option of a 3rd winch with newly designed brakes and 12t line pull, and a high-capacity rope length of 205 m (rope diameter 26 mm). This option makes lifting drivers for pile sleeves easier as part of foundation work.

Superior power with high-precision control for any type of work.

The SCX1000HD-3 has complete control over the crane when under high load work. With a swing neutral brake system, the SCX1000HD-3 is designed to respond accurately to the operator's demands. This advantage of the SCX1000HD-3 not only suitable for construction work, but also for various types of work such as port cargo handling, and foundation support operations. The SCX1000HD-3 also features newly designed dual wet disc-type winch brakes, and the use of control parts, number of discs reviewed, and a step-down pedal provide enhanced control with a smooth, high-precision respon.

Hsc scx2

Reliable and precise. Advanced safety features for the unexpected.

Equipped with a widescreen, the SCX1000HD-3 offers good visibility with a screen-designed interactive interface to follow every crane movement from a safety perspective, which helps limit unwanted operations and maintain maximum safety. The SCX1000HD-3 is also equipped with an ML Anti-two block that acts as a deceleration when a restricted height approaches to prevent over hoist hooks. As a safety feature, the SCX1000HD-3 features an automatic deceleration (slow stop) to prevent shocks caused when the boom stops suddenly when the auto stop is triggered due to overlift or overload on the boom.

Enhanced visibility and functionality with greater comfort.

To provide operator comfort while operating the product, HSC designed the crane to be used from the ground up. In addition, the SCX1000HD-3 has a wide cab and all-around visibility, as well as a green safety glass that protects the operator from UV rays and objects that may be released during operation. Finally, the SCX1000HD-3 has a control lever with an optimized pitch for better operation and a winch drum rotation sensor (front/rear) which is also included.

Hsc scx1

Clean and economical. Environmentally friendly for mankind and society.

Powered by an environmentally friendly engine commensurate with EU stage III A and US Tier 3 emission regulations, the SCX1000HD-3 can reduce exhaust emissions and fuel consumption to help reduce CO2 emissions. They were powered by an environmentally friendly engine commensurate with EU stage III A and US Tier 3 emission regulations. Substantial reductions in exhaust emissions and reduced fuel consumption help reduce CO2 emissions. The new engine and power train have been engineered to be more environmentally friendly. This machine has also been installed in ECO Winch mode, which offers lifting and lowering of light loads at high speed without having to increase engine speed. The ECO Winch provides excellent efficiency on high elevation construction sites while limiting fuel consumption and noise as engine speed is kept to a minimum.

Source : hsc-cranes.com



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