23 April 2024 Article

The Importance of Using Modern Tractors in the Agricultural Industry

Industrial Revolution 4.0 has major influences on the agricultural industry. This revolution has forced farmers to use modern and advanced equipment. One of the equipment is the modern agricultural tractor. Recently, the palm oil plantation industry has benefited greatly from the existence of modern tractors. 

However, not all palm oil plantation owners have gotten this benefit because they have not upgraded their equipment. Therefore, they must consider having modern equipment to get the benefit.

The Role of Modern Tractors in Palm Oil Plantations in the Industrial Revolution Era

Palm oil plantation owners who have not upgraded their agricultural equipment, especially tractors, should immediately upgrade it. The palm oil plantation industry is promising due to the importance of palm oil in society. 

Therefore, purchasing a modern tractor will make a profitable investment. This tractor plays an essential role because it offers many benefits. 

  • Increasing Plantation Operational Efficiency 

Modern tractors can help plantation workers complete various jobs more quickly and with more satisfying results. Plantation workers can use these tractors for fertilizing palm trees, harvesting, and transporting palm fruits.

  • Reduce Carbon Emissions 

Modern tractors can produce big horsepower with less fuel consumption. Some tractors consume 10% less fuel. Therefore, the use of modern tractors can reduce carbon emissions. As a result, palm oil plantation companies will contribute less to global warming. 

  • Increase Financial Profits 

Increased efficiency in plantation work and less fuel consumption can cut operational costs. Thus, using a modern agricultural tractor can increase financial profits. 

The Face of a Modern Tractor 

Advances in agricultural equipment technology have gradually changed the face of traditional tractors. Today, modern tractors not only work more efficiently and consume less fuel. However, this agricultural equipment also comes with IoT integration. 

Therefore, modern tractors come with IoT navigation systems and can work automatically based on planning maps. As a result, this tractor can overcome the problem of the lack of young farmers. This latest technology will also make young farmers happy with their work. 

2 pentingnya penggunaan traktor

Challenges and Opportunities in the Future of Smart Farming 

Modern tractors in sustainable farming practices can provide many benefits to society and the environment. However, this practice has its challenges and opportunities. 

  • Challenges in Smart Agriculture Practices 

One of the biggest challenges in smart farming is climate change. In the future, the climate will change even more and the earth will get hotter. This will affect farmers’ harvest and profits.

Another challenge in the future farming is limited plant seeds and fertilizer. Experts must engineer plant seeds to meet the demand for them when dealing with climate change. They must also make innovations regarding fertilization.

  • Opportunities in Smart Agriculture Practices 

Technology can create opportunities for smart agricultural practices. Technological developments will help farmers overcome the scarcity of fertilizer and seeds and overcome the problem of climate change. 

Therefore, farmers and plantation owners must follow the developments in agricultural equipment technology. Farmers and entrepreneurs must adopt the innovation when they find new and proven innovations.

3 pentingnya penggunaan traktor

Modern Agricultural Tractor from TRAKNUS 

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Apart from that, we are also committed to providing environmentally friendly tractors to support sustainable farming. As the best heavy equipment provider company, we only offer modern tractors with high quality. 

One of them is the Massey Ferguson 4708 tractor. This tractor can produce 82 hp and has an Electronic Linkage Control system. We have other Massey Ferguson tractors if you need tractors with greater horsepower. Some of them are the MF5709ES and MF5710ES.  Using a modern agricultural tractor in the plantation industry is the first step in sustainable agriculture. To consult about your tractor needs and get the right tractor, please visit TRAKNUS Contact Center or call 1500072.

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