14 May 2024 Article

The Importance of UPS Systems for Data Center Business Continuity

Data center companies rely heavily on electricity for their business continuity. Therefore, they must have backup power to avoid downtime when the power supply goes out. One of the backup electrical power sources they can use is the uninterruptible power supply (UPS). 

UPS is a vital device in data center business operations, especially data center businesses in Indonesia. It is because power outages in this country occur often, especially during bad weather. Apart from UPS, data center businesses also need a power generator as their backup power. 

What is an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) System? 

UPS is equipment providing backup electrical power for data centers, computers, and other electrical equipment when a power outage occurs. Users can connect this equipment to several devices. 

Moreover, they can adjust the type and power of the UPS to match the number of loads connected to the UPS. Therefore, data center companies can choose a UPS that suits their needs. 

Companies generally do not need to replace their UPS for about 8 years if they use it moderately. This is because most UPS batteries are capable of providing power for 10,000 hours. 

Even though UPS has a vital role in providing backup electrical power, its use poses a risk of fire. UPS fires generally occur due to dust stuck inside the equipment. Therefore, companies must use UPS battery room safety to prevent UPS fires. 

This special room can prevent the manifestation of smoke and fire. In addition, this room also has good ventilation, firefighting equipment, good charging facilities, etc. 

Benefits of UPS for Data Center Business Continuity

2 the importance of ups systems for data center business continuity

In general, an Uninterruptible Power Supply is very useful for preventing data loss on a computer when a power outage occurs. Moreover, this equipment can prevent software and hardware damage caused by a sudden power failure. For data center companies, using UPS has various positive impacts. 

  • Prevent Downtime: As mentioned above, UPS can prevent data center downtime caused by device shutdown due to power outages. Downtime has negative impacts on an organization, for example, loss of income and bad reputation. 
  • Promotes Business Continuity: UPS offers a smooth transition from the main power to backup power when a power outage occurs. Therefore, a UPS helps critical equipment keep working, assists the recovery process, and supports organizational resilience. 
  • Helping Emergency Response: UPS helps companies conduct emergency responses when the main power goes out. Examples of emergency responses companies can perform during power outages are activating backup sources and turning off less vital equipment. 
  • Enables Data Integrity: UPS allows companies to properly turn off servers and storage systems. Thus, they can minimize the risk of data loss and damage. 
  • Reducing Operational Costs: Using UPS for a long time can save operational costs. This is because UPS can prevent companies from incurring expensive costs to replace damaged equipment and data loss caused by power outages. 

Integrating UPS with Power Generator 

3 the importance of ups systems for data center business continuity

In many cases, companies only use a UPS to switch from the electricity to the backup power produced by the generator set. Therefore, data center companies must integrate their UPS systems with power generators. 

We have a Perkins generator official distributor for those who need generators to support their companies’ backup electrical power systems. Traknus power generators are available in two options, i.e., silent type (9-2250kVA) and open type (9-2250 kVA). 

Traknus Generator Set is efficient, safe, and capable of providing satisfactory performance. In addition, companies can use this power generator for various industrial purposes, including the telecommunications and data centers industries.  Uninterruptible power supplies and power generators play a vital role in the business continuity of data center companies. Therefore, data center companies must have high-quality UPS and generators. Please visit Traknus Contact Center to get a high quality power generator.

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