09 June 2022 Article

Reasons To Choose A Toyota Forklift

As the most comprehensive heavy equipment distributor in Indonesia, PT Traktor Nusantara (Traknus) prioritizes the quality of products and services, providing the best solutions and good cooperative relationships with customers. Therefore, to support the industrial sector in Indonesia, Traknus, with Toyota Material Handling (TMHD), presents Forklifts that can provide your best experience in increasing productivity and work safety.

1As a market leader globally, Toyota Forklifts come with a wide choice of variants, engine-powered or electric-powered, depending on your needs. Some of the interesting facts you need to know about Toyota Forklifts include:

1. A History of Excellence and Leadership

The Toyota Forklift Division began in 1956 in Japan by introducing the first Toyota Forklift. Today, Toyota is the world leader in forklift sales.


2. Delivering Safety and Technical Innovation

Toyota introduced the world's first and only System of Active Stability (SAS). This system electronically monitors Forklift operations to help reduce the likelihood of both lateral and longitudinal tip-overs.

 In 2000, Toyota became the first significant forklift manufacturer in the United States to offer AC technology for high performance and efficiency. The AC motor contains no springs, brushes, commutators, or directional contractors, making it virtually maintenance-free.

3. #1 in Quality, Durability, Reliability, Value, and Lowest Cost of Ownership

Toyota forklifts are ranked number one in numerous studies conducted by Peerless Research Group.


4. Excellent After-Sales Service

Since 1980, Traknus as a distributor, has always provided qualified after-sales services. Both meet the availability of spare parts and unit maintenance and repair services by certified competent mechanics through Traknus' distribution network spread throughout Indonesia.


You don't need to hesitate to choose Toyota Forklifts as a solution for material handling. You can also dial Traknus Contact Center at 1 500 072 anytime and anywhere.(PAS)

Source : www.toyotaforklift.com


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