27 June 2022 Article

Perkins Extended Life Coolant – Better Protection For Your Engine

Perkins Extended Life Coolant – better protection for your engine

Perkins Extended Life Coolant (ELC) is a product that is proven to protect the life of your engine and can save coolant costs by up to 50 percent. ELC can support better engine performance, more affordable prices, and peace of mind.

Taking care of your engine means taking care of the type of coolant you use. One reason you can consider Perkins ELC is because it provides better protection for your engine and cooling system and is more cost-effective than other coolants.

Developed, tested and approved by Perkins, ELC lasts 6,000 hours on our industrial and commercial machines, which is at least twice as long as conventional chillers. Another advantage is that it does not require the addition of supplemental coolant additives (SCAs). Extended operating time not only reduces the cost of the cooler itself by up to 50 percent, it also saves downtime, labour and disposal costs.


Optimum performance

Years of research, know-how and technical excellence have developed products designed to provide optimal performance and protection for your machines.The pre-mixed formula can be used for pre-filling and top-up. This pre-mixed formula protects against freezing at temperatures up to -37°C, making it the automatic choice for machines operating under common operating conditions worldwide.


ELC is supplied in a ready-mix as a 50:50 coolant to purified water, eliminating the need for a de-ionized water source. This eliminates the risk of localized water causing hard water scale or damage through particulates, which will affect the cooler's performance. The ELC engine is fully compatible with all Perkins engines and most other diesel, gasoline and natural gas engines and only need to provide one coolant for all the engines you run.

ELC has passed some of the world's most stringent tests for heavy-duty coolant performance, so you can count on ELC with whatever job you do and wherever you do it.

Perkins ELC advantages:

  • Reduce costs by up to 50 percent compared to standard coolers.
  • Provide only one cooler for all your machines.
  • Pre-mixed formula ensures the correct ratio is maintained and performance is not compromised by water quality.
  • Does not require additional cooling additives (SCA).
  • Provides excellent protection for all metal cooling systems, including aluminium.
  • Eliminates gel formation and hard water scale.
  • Does not contain silicates, phosphates or borates, which are present in some other coolants and can cause corrosion.


Fast Facts:

  • Longer intervals between coolant changes, cutting coolant costs by 80%.
  • Maximizes the life of the water pump seal.
  • Eliminates gel formation.
  • Allows the engine to operate at minus 37°C.
  • Protection against corrosion

For further information about Perkins Extended Life Coolant, don't hesitate to contact us at Traknus Contact Center 1500-072. (PAS)

Source : perkins.com

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