16 November 2022 Article

Massey Ferguson 2615 The Best Solution for National Agriculture and Plantations

Massey Ferguson 2600 Series

In this series, Massey Ferguson creates sturdy tractors to increase convenience in completing work in agriculture. This is consistent with the basic philosophy behind the MF 2600 Series tractor, is to provide an efficient, dependable, and durable product for the value-minded customer. The tractor in this series feature an innovative style with easy-to-use controls and large operator area. One of the tractor products in this series is MF 2615 tractor.

About Massey Ferguson 2615 Tractor (MF 2615-4WD)

MF 2615 tractor is the type of double axle tractor (4WD). The MF 2615 tractor has various functions ranging from cultivating land using disc plough and rotavator, pulling trailers, transporting agricultural and plantation crops. In the MF 2615 tractor, there are 4 main parts consisting of the engine, the power transmission system and the gearshift (versnelling), four rubber wheels, and a canopy. The power transmission system for the MF 2615 tractor has the function of transmitting the power of the driving motor into traction through the drawbar, thrust and lift as well as torque through the power take off (PTO).

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MF 2615 Tractor Features

Massey Ferguson 2615 has various features to make it easier for its users. These features are as follows:

1. Adjustable Drawbar

The height, length, and offset adjustable drawbar on the MF 2615 tractor with implements makes the tractor more flexible for towing most types of implements safely.

2. Transmission

The transmission on the MF 2615 tractor is the 8 x 2 constant mesh transmission which is equipped with a simple design and is easy to operate, very efficient, and durable.

3. Three Point Linkage

Traktor MF 2615 juga memiliki lower link arms dibor berbentuk silang agar sesuai dengan alat Kategori I dan II sehingga dapat mengurangi waktu yang diperlukan untuk mengganti alat.  Kapasitas angkatnya mulai dari 1450 kg.

4. Braking System - Oil Cooled and Multi Disc

The MF 2615 tractor also has lower link arms drilled in a cross shape to suit Category I and II tools reducing the time required to change tools. Lifting capacity starts from 1450 kg.

5. Single Piece Bonnet

On the MF 2615 tractor, this feature is designed to facilitate maintenance where a single cover can provide easy access for the operator to carry out routine checks quickly.

6. Simpson Diesel Engines

The engine used in the MF 2615 tractor is Simpson which is adopted and modified from the legendary Perkins engine.

7. Steering

With a 55' steering angle and 11' axle oscillation, the front wheels on the MF 2615 tractor can make sharp turns and keep both front wheels firmly planted on even the most uneven terrain.

8. Loader Capabilities

The MF 2615 tractor is equipped with hydraulics for front loader operation which is designed to increase hydraulic flow up to 42 liters per minute so that the loader's performance will be faster and more responsive.

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Advantages of the MF 2615 Tractor

The tractor products included in the 2600 series have an advantage in their engine power. The MF 2615 tractor has an engine with a power of 47 HP which is higher than the first product issued by Massey Ferguson in this series. With a machine with great power, the MF 2615 tractor can be used on dry land with latosol soil types and rice fields with even regusol soil types.

Interested in the features of the MF 2615 tractor? Get more information about the MF 2615 tractor through the Traknus Contact Center at 1500 – 072 or WhatsApp at 0815-1106-1974. (IN)

Source: masseyferguson.com

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