07 January 2021 Article

Kiat Ananda Trust Their Material Handling Equipment to Traktor Nusantara (Traknu...


Material Handling Equipment Has an Important Role for Business

One of the largest cold supply chain management service providers in Indonesia, PT Kiat Ananda Group, entrusts their Material Handling Equipment needs to PT Traktor Nusantara. As the authorized distributor for the Toyota Forklift, BT, and Raymond brand, PT Traktor Nusantara was able to gain this trust thanks to the synergy of the sales, marketing, and product support teams. 

In order to support loading, unloading, and warehousing activities, PT Kiat Ananda has selected several superior models from the Toyota Forklift, BT, and Raymond. The models are electric counterbalance 8FBN25, diesel counterbalance 62-8FD30, Electric Pallet Mover LPE200 type Cold Storage and Double Pallet, as well as Raymond 7735 and Raymond 7720 DR 32 TT.


Traknus Material Handling Equipment is One of The Most Reliable

Choosing PT Traktor Nusantara, Kiat Ananda Group believes in the management under the Astra Group can cooperate and provide full support for the availability of parts and services. In addition, the direct involvement of Toyota Material Handling International (TMHI) as Principal adds to the reliability of the company which was founded in Jakarta in 1997.

Toyota Forklifts, BT, and Raymond themselves are Material Handling units that are one of Traktor Nusantara's superior products. As the sole distributor of Toyota Forklifts, BT, and Raymond in Indonesia, Traktor Nusantara has distributed Toyota, BT, and Raymond forklift units throughout Indonesia for the needs of various sectors such as Industry, Warehouse, Logistics, and also retail.

For information related to products, you can go directly to the Toyota Forklift, BT, and Raymond product pages. Get product specifications and don't forget to fill out a sales inquiry to get your company's solution.


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