23 April 2024 Article

How to Maintain an Electric Forklift for Longer Lifespan

Electric forklifts are highly functional for warehouse operations. Moreover, this tool is also environmentally friendly and fuel efficient. Consequently, operators must know forklift maintenance so they can get benefits from this tool for a long time. 

Maintaining electric forklifts is different from that of diesel engine forklifts. Operators must take several steps to care for this battery-powered equipment. 

Forklift Maintenance: 4 Steps

Maintaining an electric forklift is not a difficult thing to do. However, operators must conduct the maintenance steps periodically and regularly to maintain the forklift performance. Below are several things you need to do to maintain a battery-powered forklift. 

1. Maintaining the Battery 

The forklift battery is an essential component in an electric forklift. Proper battery maintenance can extend the service life of an electric forklift. Below are several things you need to do to ensure your forklift battery lasts longer. 

  • Charge the forklift battery when the battery capacity drops to 20%. You must stop charging the battery when it is full. 
  • Open the battery cover while charging the battery so the temperature does not rise. 
  • Ensures the electrical voltage source used to charge the battery complies with the charger requirements. 
  • Clean the battery once a week so no dirt could damage the battery.

2. Maintaining the Controller 

Forklift operators must also maintain the controller. This maintenance is highly important to minimize downtime and extend service life. Operators only need to protect the controller from water or moisture to keep the component working. 

3. Regular Inspection

The third step in electric forklift maintenance is checking other essential components of this equipment. You can inspect the components below once a month. 

  • Steering System: The inspection of the steering system consists of checking the power steering contactor, axle, and volume sensor, as well as checking and cleaning the EPS control. 
  • Electrical System: The electrical system on a forklift consists of directional switches, cable connections, battery plug sockets, accelerators, etc. Operators must clean and adjust them if necessary.
  •  Drive Unit: Checking the drive unit involves various ways. Some of them are checking the thickness of the tires, the gas pedal, the drive motor, and the sound produced by the forklift. 
  • Body: The forklift body also needs regular inspections. You can inspect this part by checking the tightness of the chain and bolts. In addition, you must tighten loose bolts on the forklift body. 
  • Brake System: To ensure the safety of operating an electric forklift, you must check the brake system. You can do it by checking the brake fluid, handbrake cable, and brake pedal height. You may need to reset the system if necessary.  
  • Hydraulic System: The hydraulic system inspection includes checking lift, cylinder tilt, hydraulic oil level, and hydraulic pump capability. 

4. Use According to Capacity 

To maintain the service life of the forklift and minimize downtime, operators should only use the forklift according to capacity. Moreover, he should use it only for lifting and moving things. 

2 cara merawat forklift elektrik

Best Electric Forklift 

According to the battery types, electric forklifts come in several types. However, operators who want to have the best electric forklift should choose a forklift with an Enelore Lithium-ion battery. This type of forklift battery is better than other forklift battery types. 

The lithium battery forklift offers a variety of advantages. One of them is that it is easier to maintain. Moreover, the maintenance of this forklift is also cheaper than other electric forklifts. 

Forklifts with Enelore Lithium-ion technology are environmentally friendly. Several things that make this equipment environmentally friendly are its low carbon emissions and longer service life. This long service life can reduce waste caused by damaged forklifts.

You can call us to buy lithium battery forklift. We have forklifts for sale with official guarantees at competitive prices. One of our superior products is the Toyota Electric Forklift. This forklift is available in many options to meet your needs. 

Some of them are Electric Powered Battery Counter Balance 3 Wheel Forklift 1.0 – 2.0 ton 8 series, Electric Powered Battery Counter Balance 4 Wheel Forklift N Series 1.0 – 3.5 ton 8 N series, and Electric Powered Reach Forklift Stand Up 1.0 – 3.0 ton 8 series stand up reach truck. 

When buying a lithium battery forklift from us, you can follow the tips below to get a quality product. 

  • Choose a forklift with the capacity according to your needs. 
  • Consider the dimensions of the forklift and its maneuverability in narrow and wide spaces. 
  • Choose a forklift with a large lithium battery capacity so you don't have to charge the battery repeatedly while working.

 3 cara merawat forklift elektrik

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