21 June 2022 Article

Five Advantages of Toyota Electric Forklifts

In recent years, Toyota has noticed a change in the types of energy companies that choose to refuel their material handling machines. As technology develops, many forklift operations replace forklift fuel with electrical energy. This innovation strongly supports a sustainable manufacturing industry and prioritizes efficiency while remaining robust and high-performance. PT Traktor Nusantara also always prioritizes product quality and industry sustainability. For this reason, PT Traktor Nusantara, together with the principal of Toyota Material Handling (TMHD), presents quality Electric Forklift products that can provide your best experience in increasing productivity and environmental sustainability.

 As a market leader in the world, Toyota Forklifts come with a new electric-powered engine with several benefits, including:

1. Conscious of Environmental Sustainability


Electric forklifts can significantly reduce the existing carbon footprint because these forklifts produce zero-emission (green electricity). In addition, the Electric Forklift can minimize the impact on the environment because the battery, which is mainly composed of lead, recyclable and Li-on battery, is the top battery in the electric class because it is 30% more energy-efficient and has a longer service life. In the absence of exhaust fumes or other toxic gases, there is no need for ventilation and lower heating costs.

2. Designed for Safer Performance

With the evolution of technology, Electric Forklifts have an improved regenerative braking system to increase safety by ensuring that when the operator releases the gas pedal, the Forklift can immediately stop.

3. Quieter engine


Electric forklifts have a quieter sound to reduce noise in your warehouse. This Forklift can be beneficial for safety and communication because it can minimize noise exposure.

4. Reducing Operational Costs


In the long run, this electric Forklift will be more economical than a combustion engine due to lower operating, maintenance, and service costs due to fewer spare parts (no coolant or engine oil). Another advantage is that it creates more space because Li-ion batteries do not require separate charging times with ventilation.

5. A great performa for all types of applications

Electric forklifts are rugged and suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, unlike powered engines. Now, problems related to electrical materials that are less strong or less durable than diesel power have been resolved. In fact, electric forklifts can handle weighty loads and almost any type of material.


So, Now you know that electric forklifts have many benefits. They are more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly and can also save a lot of cost and space. Now is the time to consider buying an Electric Forklift. For more information, you can contact TRAKNUS Contact Center at 1500-072.(PAS)

Source : toyotaforklift.com



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