14 December 2023 Article

Decoding Pallet Movers: Understanding Functions, Advantages, and Types from BT

Selecting the right equipment for your warehouse or distribution center requires a strategic decision. BT's pallet movers are strategic assets engineered with this in mind, offering a blend of efficiency, durability, and safety that professionals have come to rely on.

These machines are critical in optimizing logistics operations. Whether dealing with high-volume shipping or intricate inventory management, BT provides pallet movers that fit seamlessly into your workflow.

If you're looking to streamline your operations without compromising on these critical factors, BT offers a range of pallet movers that should be on your radar.

What is A Pallet Mover?

A pallet mover, known as a pallet jack or pallet truck, is a piece of equipment specifically engineered for lifting and transporting pallets. Unlike forklifts, which are often large and require a dedicated operator, pallet movers are designed to be compact and easy to maneuver. 

This design makes them ideal for navigating the tighter spaces often found in warehouses and distribution centers. The basic structure includes a set of forks to slide under the pallet, wheels for easy movement, and a hydraulic or mechanical lifting mechanism to elevate the load off the ground.

Functions of Pallet Movers

Pallet movers offer several functions for material handling, making them valuable assets in modern warehouse and logistics operations.

1. Streamlining the Movement of Goods

Pallet movers excel in moving goods. These machines are engineered to handle a variety of materials, from boxes of retail goods to heavy industrial equipment. The hydraulic systems in these movers are designed for smooth lifting and lowering, ensuring that goods are moved without damage.

2. Efficiently Loading and Unloading Trucks

Pallet movers streamline the loading and unloading process, making it quicker and more efficient. Their compact design allows them to easily maneuver in and out of truck containers, enabling faster turnaround times.

It is particularly beneficial during peak seasons when dealing with a higher volume of shipments. The quicker you can get a truck unloaded and back on the road, the more cost-effective your operations become.

3. Simplifying Inventory Management

Pallet movers are perfect for rearranging stock within your warehouse, whether rotating seasonal items or moving overstocked products to more accessible locations. The ease of navigating through aisles and around corners makes them ideal for these tasks.

4. Facilitating Quick and Accurate Order Fulfillment

Order picking is one of those tasks that might seem simple but can become complex and time-consuming very quickly, especially when dealing with a large inventory or a high volume of orders. That's where pallet movers come in handy.

Some advanced models are equipped with elevated platforms that bring the operator to the level of the goods, making it easier to pick items from higher shelves. This platform speeds up the order-picking process and reduces the physical strain on the operator.

Advantages of Using Pallet Mover

Keuntungan menggunakan pallet mover

Let's focus on some of their essential advantages that can improve your daily operations.

1. Boosting Operational Efficiency

These machines’ designs help your operations run more smoothly and efficiently, thus increasing productivity. Pallet movers speed up moving goods around, from the receiving dock to storage shelves or from the warehouse floor to the shipping area.

2. Improving Workplace Safety

The handle design and controls minimize strain on the operator, reducing the risk of musculoskeletal disorders, which are common in manual lifting tasks. The hydraulic systems are also designed to provide smooth lifting and lowering actions, preventing sudden drops that could damage goods or cause injuries.

3. Cost-Effective Operations

Pallet movers are generally less expensive than forklifts, more accessible and cheaper to maintain. They have fewer moving parts, which means less can go wrong, reducing the frequency and cost of repairs.

4. Optimizing Warehouse Space

Unlike forklifts, which often require wider aisles, pallet movers can easily navigate narrow pathways. This feature lets you arrange your storage racks closer together, increasing your storage capacity without expanding your facility. The compact design also makes it easier to maneuver in tight spaces, such as inside truck containers.

5. Adaptable to Various Needs

These machines are adaptable to a wide range of tasks and environments. Whether moving lightweight goods in a small retail backroom or heavy industrial equipment in a large distribution center, a pallet mover is designed to meet those needs. 

Some models even come with adjustable forks, allowing you to handle different sizes of pallets without needing multiple pieces of equipment.

Types of Pallet Mover (Hand Pallet and Electric Pallet)

Jenis jenis pallet mover

You'll encounter two primary types: hand-pallet and electric-pallet movers. Hand-pallet movers are manually operated, meaning you push and pull them by hand. The lifting mechanism is usually hydraulic and is activated by pumping a handle.

These types benefit light to medium loads and are ideal for small to medium-sized warehouses with relatively short distances to be covered. One of the key advantages is their low maintenance cost.

On the other end of the spectrum, electric pallet movers are battery-operated and offer a range of advanced features, such as variable speed controls and sometimes even a small platform for the operator to stand on.

They are designed for heavier loads and longer distances. Unlike hand pallet movers, these can quickly cover large warehouses and are ideal for operations that require frequent and long-distance movement of goods.

Pallet Mover Recommendations from BT

Rekomendasi pallet mover dari bt

BT offers two top-of-the-line pallet mover series that could perfectly fit your operations, whether you're dealing with light-duty tasks or need a workhorse for more demanding operations.

Pallet Mover W Series

The W Series from BT is a comprehensive line that includes six different models tailored for various applications (BT LWE140, BT LWE130, BT LWE180, BT LWE160, BT LWE250, and BT LWE200/P). 

Each model number represents their capacity in kilograms. For instance, the LWE130 model is designed for lighter duties and can handle loads up to 1,300 kilograms. It's compact, easy to maneuver, and has built-in maintenance-free batteries. 

The design ensures safe operation, and the BT Castorlink system provides excellent stability. If your operations require more heavy lifting, the W Series also offers models that can handle up to 2,500 kilograms.

Pallet Mover P Series

The P Series is another robust offering from BT, designed for those needing more power and speed. The series comprises four models (BT LPE250, BT LPE220, BT LPE200, and RAYMOND 8410-FRE60L).

These trucks can handle up to 2,722 kilograms of weight and reach speeds up to 12.5 km/h. Thus, they’re known for their low energy consumption, allowing more work cycles per battery charge.

The Optimized Truck Performance (OTP) ensures stability and safety during cornering and pedestrian mode operations. The P Series models also come with BT Powertrak, which adjusts the drive-wheel grip according to the load weight, ensuring optimum performance.


Why Should You Buy Pallet Movers from Traktor Nusantara?

Mengapa anda harus membeli pallet mover dari traktor nusantara

Traktor Nusantara offers unmatched support, providing you with complete peace of mind. Our Parts Division is engineered to maintain your equipment's peak performance, featuring an extensive inventory of over 65,000 components. 

But our commitment doesn't stop at parts. Our Service Division provides a broad spectrum of services, from initial Pre-Delivery Inspections to intricate Overhaul and Reconditioning tasks. We offer 24/7 on-site and emergency support, ensuring you're never stranded.

Our dedication to service excellence is further enriched by our Traknus Rapid Service, an integrated system combining CRM, SAP, and mobile applications. This guarantees timely on-site service (OTOS) and prompt solutions (OTIS), making your operations seamless and stress-free.

Moreover, Traktor Nusantara boasts a widespread presence with multiple branches throughout Indonesia, enhancing our ability to provide prompt and localized service, regardless of location. 

Visit Traknus for a comprehensive range of BT pallet movers. For personalized assistance, contact the Traknus Call Center at 1500-072 or Traknus Whatsapp at +62815-1106-1974.

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