05 January 2021 Article

Combine Harvester Rice Machine as a Post-Harvest Agricultural Mechanization Solu...

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Combine Harvester Rice Machine Solutions for Agriculture

The Indonesian government carried out the State Budget (APBN) program in 2012 with an effort to meet the needs of machine-based agricultural product production, especially in the type of rice plant using the Combine Harvester. The use of the Combine Harvester can increase the amount of production in a shorter time, reduce spilled yields, cleaner quality of rice, and can be stored for a long time. The efficiency in quantity and quality offered will be a competitive value that makes Indonesian rice commodities can meet the food needs of the Indonesian people. Regulations on how to increase control on rice commodities after harvest, which focus on the quantity and quality of yields, are the framework for the government's efforts towards national food self-sufficiency.

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Rice Combine Harvester Machines Make it Easy for Farmers

Even though the combine harvester has so many benefits and able to provide significant productivity results, the use of combine harvester itself has not been widely found in Indonesia. This is because of the lack of education and examples of proper application for farmers in areas that do not have sufficient access to information. The effort and time that is usually required can be streamlined by using the combine harvester, which increases productivity and has a positive impact on the welfare of farmers. From the point of view of the results itself, it will certainly be good because this high-tech combine harvester can maintain the quality of rice.

Don't Just Choose Any Combine Harvester Rice Machine

The competitive advantages of the combine harvester are the speed of harvesting and how it can produce cleaner grain quality. However, other advantages can be found with the right tools and suitable for use in Indonesia. Massey Ferguson as a brand that creates superior agricultural products in the world has many models and choices of combining harvester that can be considered by stakeholders and actors who influence the advancement of agriculture in Indonesia. Currently, the MF2168 model is a superior product offered by PT Traktor Nusantara as Massey Ferguson's sole distributor in Indonesia. For information related to this product and others, you can directly contact the contact listed on this website!

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