09 January 2023 Article

Canycom S25A Crawler: Superior Performance for High Productivity

Together with Agro, Construction, and Crane Division at Traktor Nusantara, Canycom is a company from Japan that dominates the Japanese market for carriers in the plantation, construction, and other fields. PT Traktor Nusantara has been a trusted distributor for Canycom in Indonesia since 2012, one of the product distributed is Canycom S25A crawler. Canycom S25A crawler is a product classified as multifunctional. Crawlers can be used to assist in spreading fertilizers, transporting commodities/logistics, and so on. Using a crawler makes the consumer's work more effective and efficient to increase company productivity. 

After knowing the origin of the Canycom S25A crawler, some of the following excellent features can be obtained from the Canycom S25A:

Canycom 4

Canycom S25A's Features

Crawler is equipped with several features, including:

1. High-power diesel

Canycom S25A crawler equipped with a diesel engine with high power. The engine used is the Kubota V2203 with a power of up to 46 HP. In addition to sufficient traction for heavy work, the diesel engine is owned by the Canycom S25A crawler is an environmental friendly machine.

2. Rotating set

Comfort is an essential element in heavy work. The Canycom S25A crawler provides comfort by creating an operator seat that can be adjusted forward and backward according to the operator's wishes. In addition, the operator seat on the Canycom S25A crawler with the control unit for quick and easy direction changes and maximum visibility during operation.

3. Centralized switches and levers

Another feature of the crawler Canycom S25A is that switches and indicators are centralized and located in an easy-to-reach panel next to the operator's seat. With this feature, operators can more easily operate the Canycom S25A crawler.

Canycom 3

4. Safe mechanism interlocking

In addition to convenience, security is also an essential element in heavy work because it has a high risk of work accidents. However, with the Canycom S25A crawler's interlocking, the secure engine can only be started when the parking brake is activated. This feature aims to prevent sudden movement of the machine.

5. Tough undercarriage

The Canycom S25A crawler uses large-diameter roller wheels to extend the life rollers and tracks, making it possible to assist with uphill terrain up to 30 degrees. In addition, the fixed rollers are equipped with taper roller bearings for load handling so they can carry large loads in a balanced manner.

6. Easy maintenance

Crawlers are heavy equipment used for long periods of time, so a long service life is required for this type of equipment. Canycom S25A crawler has a full-open engine hood and door access which can facilitate periodic maintenance. 

Canycom 2

Lots of positive features and impacts can be obtained through the Canycom S25A crawler. Interested in the features of the Canycom S25A crawler? Get more information about the Canycom S25A Traknus Contact Center at 1500 – 072 or WhatsApp at 0815-1106-1974. (IN)

Source: canycomsales.com

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