14 May 2024 Article

Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Heavy Equipment in Sustainable Business

Currently, implementing sustainable business practices is a must for all companies. One of the keys to implementing these business practices is energy efficiency. Many companies choose to use the most modern, energy-efficient equipment to achieve energy efficiency. 

However, this strategy is not always appropriate considering the high initial cost of obtaining this tool. Therefore, there is no harm for companies in using recycled heavy equipment in their green business strategy. 

Less Emission Sustainable Business Strategy with Recycled Heavy Equipment 

Companies can reduce emissions in various ways. One of them is using recycled heavy equipment. Heavy equipment manufacturers that remanufacture equipment ensure their refurbished heavy equipment can work properly and efficiently. 

Therefore, its users can complete their work quickly. The performance efficiency of this equipment allows users to cut their energy usage. In the end, the emissions released by the company will decrease. 

In addition, processing and recycling heavy equipment requires less energy and resources than manufacturing new equipment. Thus, companies can reach their green business goals.

In addition, the use of recycled heavy equipment can reduce the amount of waste. Therefore, companies using this equipment are contributing to the cleanliness of the earth. 

Benefits of Using Recycled Heavy Equipment in Business 

2 benefits of using eco friendly recycled heavy equipment in sustainable business

Using recycled heavy equipment can provide several benefits for companies. Below are some of these benefits. 

  1. Lower Upfront Costs: Recycled heavy equipment is cheaper than new heavy equipment. Thus, companies do not need to pay large upfront costs to obtain these tools.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Refurbished machines perform as well as new machines. Therefore, users of this equipment can complete their jobs quickly. As a result, the use of refurbished heavy equipment reduces fuel or energy use.
  3. Fulfillment of Social Responsibilities: The use of recycled heavy equipment is one of the ways for companies to fulfill their social responsibilities. This tool allows them to take part in protecting the environment for the sake of society.
  4. Maximizing Profits: Lower initial costs and energy efficiency maximize company profits. Therefore, companies can reduce emissions and still achieve maximum profits.

Get Eco-Friendly Heavy Equipment with Traknus 

You can get eco-friendly and low-emission heavy equipment at Traknus, the best heavy equipment provider company in Indonesia. We have a strong commitment to supporting sustainable businesses. Therefore, we offer many environmentally friendly heavy equipment. 

In addition, we also work with Toyota Forklift in selling refurbished products to reduce emissions. You can obtain them on our subsidiary website, SHN.co.id. As the best heavy equipment provider company, we have several recommended products with minimal emissions. 

3 benefits of using eco friendly recycled heavy equipment in sustainable business

  • Toyota Enelore Lithium-ion Battery Forklifts: They are available in several options and capable of carrying loads weighing 1 to 2 tons. Forklifts with Enelore lithium-ion batteries are very high energy efficiency, easy to charge, and environmentally friendly. They also offer long service life. 
  • Toyota Traigo 48 Forklifts: Traigo 48 forklifts are electric forklifts suitable for mid-level operations. They have a large battery capacity but low energy consumption. Traigo 48 forklifts are also stable and easy to drive. 
  • HSC Cranes SCX1000HD-3: This crane has cool features, for example, the ability to carry a maximum load of 100 tons, high control precision, and safety. Moreover, this tool comes with an engine that is energy efficient and has minimal emissions. 
  • Traknus S-Series Generator with Perkins Engine: Traknus generators are high-quality equipment and available in many choices. This generator also does not require a lot of energy to operate. 
  • Kubota Mini Excavator: The Kubota Mini Excavator is suitable for plantation, construction, and other industries. Apart from being functional, this excavator's fuel consumption is also minimal. 

Sustainable business strategies come in various choices, such as using recycled heavy equipment and low-emission generators. You can visit Traknus Contact Center if you need consultation regarding meeting your backup electricity needs and purchasing a power generator.

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