27 January 2023 Article

Advantages of Using Massey Ferguson 5710ES: Providing the Best User Experience

Massey Ferguson is a company that produces heavy equipment, especially in agriculture. Massey Ferguson's products that are in great demand in the Indonesian market are tractors. As a country that exports large quantities of plantation products, Indonesia is the right target market for Massey Ferguson to sell its products. There are various types of Massey Ferguson tractors, one of which is the MF5710 Essential (MF5710ES). The MF5710ES tractor is a Massey Ferguson tractor that belongs to the Global Series and is generally used in work in the plantation sector, such as oil palm plantations.

To understand the benefits of using the MF5710ES tractor, the following are the advantages of using the MF5710ES tractor along with an explanation:

Mf 5710 with mmg 2

Advantages of Using the MF5710ES Tractor

There are several advantages that can be obtained when using the MF5710ES tractor in your business, namely:

1. Excellent reliability and ease of operation

Traktor MF5710ES is equipped with a 4-cylinder AGCO Power Engine which is renowned for its excellent reliability. Machine operator MF5710ES this using SCR Technology with high efficiency and has no low automatic idle system which can cut engine speed to save fuel when the tractor is not in use.

MachineMF5710ES tractor then combines with the best Dyna-4 and Dyna-6 transmission options for incredibly robust reliability with easy and smooth operation. Dyna-4 provides controls and leversPower Control lever, T-Lever, or Joystick control. Meanwhile, the Dyna-6 offers maximum productivity without the need to use a clutch equipped with a leverPower Control which has 3 (three) functions at once, viz shuttle back and forth, declutch, and displacement velocity.

2. The ultimate in comfort for a more productive workday

Kabin on the tractorMF5710ES combines 4 (four) elements at once consisting of comfort, quiet, ease of use, and quality with easy access to the cabin using large opening doors and a large glass area. In addition, the tractor cabinMF5710ES is equipped with cab suspension and front axle suspension for an optimal ride in even the toughest conditions. To create comfort in use, the tractor cabMF5710ES Ergonomic controls make it comfortable to use and reduce fatigue.

3. Economical operating costs

AGCO Power Engine on the MF5710ES tractor has a level of consumption lowest fuel and AdBlue® coupled with a maintenance-free exhaust system. In addition, the MF5710ES tractor is easy to maintain independently without requiring the user to go to a workshop, thereby reducing maintenance and repair costs.

The three advantages above can provide the best experience in working in the plantation sector.

Mid Mounted Grader

Mf 5710 with mmg 3

To make work easier, tractors are often attached with additional implements. One of the implementations that can be applied to the MF5710ES tractor is Mid Mounted Grader (MMG). Generally, Mid Mounted Grader (MMG) is applied for road maintenance and light work in oil palm plantations. In addition, this implementation is useful for reducing costs maintenance of collection roads for oil palm plantation customers. This implementation also provides a solution for customers in maintaining the road to support the mobility of the tractor. Besides that, Mid Mounted Grader (MMG) can reduce the risk of accidents when operating a tractor.

Mid Mounted Grader (MMG) also has several other functions, such as:

- Reducing Motor Grader work, especially road maintenance work for collection roads;

- Make a slope or indentation on the side of the collection road;

- Leveling the surface of the collection road against grass or bushes;

- Leveling the Sirtu stretch in the process of light backfilling;

- Use of high mobility in operations; and

- The tractor can still be used to tow or can do the double task.

Many advantages can be obtained from the MF5710ES tractor, starting from ease of operation, working more comfortably, and operating more economical costs. Interested in the advantages possessed by the MF5710ES tractor? Get more information about the MF5710ES tractor via Traknus Contact Center at 1500 – 072 or WhatsApp at 0815-1106-1974. (IN)

Source: masseyferguson.com

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