18 August 2021 Promotion

Traktor Nusantara Presents the Latest Genset Series TRAKNUS S-SERIES

Traktor Nusantara Presents the Latest Genset Series TRAKNUS S-SERIES


Jakarta (18/6) – Traktor Nusantara (TRAKNUS) through its Power & Air Solution division launched the latest series of generator sets, namely the TRAKNUS S-SERIES through virtual meeting to the company's internal team, which includes the team operation sales, parts, and service. This virtual event was also attended by BOD, GM, BOH, and also representatives from principal Perkins Eric Ng. The launch of the TRAKNUS S-SERIES is recognized as solution following the challenges of the competitive generator market because TRAKNUS S-SERIES products have more competitive prices with reliable quality and performance.

This virtual event was opened by a presentation from GM Power & Air Solution Addy Karyadi who explained the background of why the TRAKNUS S-SERIES was launched. One of them is based on the existence of high market opportunities and needs,  in the expectation that the launch of this product can practically become the latest solution for customers.

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In the event, the BC colleagues also presented an explanation of product specifications and also the Value Proposition of the TRAKNUS S-SERIES which are expected to be added value to customers. One of the advantages of the TRAKNUS S-SERIES design is that it is made with quality and solid components which of course are supported by the worldwide performance of the Perkins Engine. In terms of value proposition, one of the most interesting things is that the TRAKNUS S-SERIES has very competitive price variants and is able to compete in the market.  

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As part of the closing, DIRECTOR Harijadi Mawardi also gave motivations to encourage the enthusiasm of BC colleagues in offering TRAKNUS S-SERIES products. He assured that the TRAKNUS S-SERIES have excellent quality and support because they are fully supported by Perkins and also the network of branches throughout Indonesia. Meanwhile, the President Director of TRAKNUS Widjaja Kartika also expressed his appreciation for the launch of the TRAKNUS S-SERIES product which had been well prepared from planning to the promotion method carried out. It is expected that the innovation of the launch of the TRAKNUS S-SERIES product can be great respond in the generator industry and become a product of pride for the company.

The event was also closed with a video presented by the TRAKNUS S-SERIES model and a group photo online. (MAG)





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