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Canycom BE814 Specifications and Best Features

Canycom BE814 Specifications and Best Features

Canycom is a well-known brand recognized for its dedication to creating top-quality machinery. Among their impressive collection of tractors, the Canycom BE814 stands out as a remarkable addition.

With its precise engineering and advanced technology, this tractor is a reliable and powerful tool specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern agriculture and landscaping industries.

Brief History of Canycom Brand

Originating from Japan, Chikusui Canycom Inc., or simply Canycom, is a reputable player in compact construction machinery. The company's journey has been marked by consistently delivering reliable, high-performance equipment for several decades, earning it a well-deserved global reputation.

Canycom's equipment catalog is diverse, yet its primary focus is producing concrete buggies, tracked carriers, and brush cutters. These machines are tailored to perform in demanding environments where traditional machinery often falters.

The compact nature of these machines enables them to traverse narrow paths and uneven terrain, making them invaluable in construction sites with space constraints or access difficulties.

At the heart of Canycom's success is its unwavering dedication to innovation and superior quality. The company seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology into its machinery, augmenting performance and fortifying resilience.

For example, introducing features like the hydrostatic transmission in many of their products provides smoother operation and enhances control.

Another standout characteristic of Canycom is its commitment to the safety and comfort of its users. This characteristic is reflected in their machinery design, which incorporates ergonomic controls and proactive safety measures to minimize potential hazards.

Canycom also excels in customer service, offering an extensive post-sales support system that includes maintenance, repair, and part replacement services. This service guarantees their machinery's longevity and ensures they continue performing at peak performance.

On a global scale, Canycom's machinery is highly regarded for its longevity and superior performance. Various industries utilize their products, including construction, landscaping, agriculture, and forestry. Despite its roots in Japan, Canycom's footprint extends far beyond its home turf, with a robust international presence in product sales and services.

Specifications of Canycom BE814

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Now, let's delve into the specifications of the Canycom BE814 tractor, highlighting the brand's commitment to delivering a tractor that excels in design and functionality.

  • Maximum Payload 850 kg

The 850 kg maximum payload capacity of the Canycom BE814 tractor is more than adequate for a diverse range of tasks. It provides ample flexibility and convenience for transporting materials, equipment, and goods commonly encountered in agricultural and landscaping operations.

  • Maximum Output 7.0 PS

The 7.0 PS maximum output of the Canycom BE814 tractor is suitable and efficient for various tasks. While it may not possess the highest power in its class, this output is well-suited for light-duty applications such as gardening, landscaping, and small-scale agricultural work.

The 7.0 PS provides ample power to handle these tasks effectively, maneuver easily in tight spaces, and operate general-purpose attachments. Its balanced power-to-weight ratio ensures optimal performance and fuel efficiency, making it a practical choice for professionals.

  • Track Width 300 mm

Although it may not be the widest track width available, it brings several advantages. With a track width of 300 mm, the tractor becomes more maneuverable, making it suitable for tasks in narrow or tight spaces.

This feature allows easy access to orchards, vineyards, and other areas requiring a narrower footprint. The track width balances stability and agility, ensuring the tractor can efficiently handle its assigned tasks while maintaining excellent traction and control.

  • Forward Speed 1st 1.0 / 2nd 2.0 / 3rd 3.5km/h and Reverse Speed 1st 0.8 / 2nd1.5 / 3rd 2.6km/h

The forward speed settings of 1st gear at 1.0 km/h, 2nd gear at 2.0 km/h, and 3rd gear at 3.5 km/h, along with the reverse speed settings of 1st gear at 0.8 km/h, 2nd gear at 1.5 km/h, and 3rd gear at 2.6 km/h, provide ample versatility and efficiency for a tractor's diverse tasks.

These speed options cater to precision and productivity needs, making the tractor well-equipped to handle various agricultural, landscaping, and general purpose applications effectively.

  • Engine Type: Water-cooled 4-cycle Diesel, Single Cylinder

A water-cooled 4-cycle diesel engine has various benefits. The water-cooling system helps maintain optimal temperatures, preventing overheating and ensuring consistent performance even during prolonged use. The 4-cycle design improves fuel efficiency and provides smoother operation than 2-cycle engines.

Although a single-cylinder engine may not match the power and performance of multi-cylinder engines, it can still be suitable for lighter or medium-duty tasks. Single-cylinder engines are often compact, lightweight, and cost-effective. They can deliver sufficient power for landscaping, gardening, or smaller agricultural operations.

Features of Canycom BE814

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The Canycom BE814 has impressive features, making it a standout option for different uses. This versatile machine is designed to deliver outstanding performance and efficiency. Let's look at some key characteristics that distinguish the Canycom BE814 from similar models in its category.

  • Equipped with Spreader and Sprayer

A tractor equipped with a spreader and sprayer provides several advantages for farming. It helps to work more efficiently by covering larger areas in less time and ensuring materials are spread evenly, saving time and improving farm operations. The precise application of these tools reduces waste, makes better use of resources, and enhances crop health and yield.

Moreover, it saves time and labor by automating tasks and offers versatility to adapt to different crop needs, seasons, and field conditions. Overall, a tractor with a spreader and sprayer boosts productivity and effectiveness in farming practices.

  • Two Starter System Choices

The tractor offers flexibility in starting the engine. Farmers can choose the most convenient method based on their preference, the specific situation, or operational requirements.

The manual starter is reliable when the tractor's battery is low or malfunctioning. It does not rely on electrical components, ensuring the tractor can be started even in remote locations or during power outages.

On the other hand, the electric starter brings convenience and ease of use to tractor operators. With a convenient twist of a key or the press of a button, operators can effortlessly start the tractor, saving both time and physical effort.

Furthermore, the electric starter is user-friendly, requiring minimal training and physical strength to operate effectively. The tractor is a dependable and efficient choice for operators with varying skill levels.

  • High Productivity and Efficient Fuel

Canycom BE814 demonstrates excellent fuel efficiency and a solid ability to transport heavy loads. Its capability to operate efficiently for extended periods (8 hours) with minimal fuel consumption (5 liters) results in cost savings and helps protect the environment. 

Additionally, the tractor's ability to handle heavy loads (25-30 metric tons) demonstrates its strength and suitability for moving large materials or towing heavy equipment.

  • Walk Behind and Ride-on Mode for Flexible Operation

The tractor provides two modes of operation: walk-behind and ride-on. The walk-behind mode allows manual guidance while walking, offering precise control and maneuverability in small spaces. This mode is ideal for tasks that require accuracy and clear visibility during specific operations.

Alternatively, the ride-on mode of the tractor allows the operator to comfortably sit or stand on a seat or platform while driving. This method is well-suited for tasks requiring covering larger areas or working longer. It enhances comfort, reduces physical strain, and boosts efficiency, mainly when operating on expansive fields or surfaces.

  • Suitable for Peat, Soft, and Soggy Soil Surface

Canycom BE814 is specifically designed or equipped to operate effectively on challenging terrains. It can navigate and work on peat soil, which is soft and unstable due to its high organic content. The tractor can also handle soft soil, which has poor load-bearing capacity, and soggy soil, which is waterlogged or has high moisture content.

Tractors suitable for these conditions are engineered to distribute their weight effectively, minimizing soil compaction and enhancing traction. In this way, Canycom BE814 can operate on soft and muddy soil surfaces without getting stuck or causing harm to the terrain.

  • Specially Designed Deep Bucket with High Lift System

The tractor has a specialized bucket attachment for deep digging and material handling. This deep bucket has a greater depth than regular buckets, allowing it to move more material efficiently in one go. 

It proves particularly beneficial for excavating trenches, digging deep holes, or transporting substantial volumes of material.

Moreover, the tractor features a high lift system that raises the bucket to higher positions, extending its vertical reach. This capability is valuable for loading materials onto elevated platforms, filling containers with taller sides, or depositing material into trucks or containers with increased height.

Combining the deep bucket with the high lift system enhances the tractor's productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness, making it well-suited for demanding projects.

Selecting and purchasing the appropriate tractor is a substantial long-term investment requiring thorough deliberation. It is crucial to research various brands, models, features, sizes, prices, and other relevant factors to determine your specific requirements.

Consider visiting the manufacturer to personally experience and test-drive the tractor, as this will provide valuable insights and assist in making an informed decision.

Are you interested in our Canycom tractor models? Call 1500-072 or message us on Whatsapp at +62815-1106-1974 for more information!

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