Our Service Division offers a wide range of services, start from Pre Delivery Inspection, Operator and Mechanic Field Guidance Training, In Class Training, Free Inspection, Periodical Maintenance, Maintenance Contract, Full Maintenance Contract, Overhaul and Recondition. Supported by well-trained mechanics equipped with complete service tools and special tools as well as product specialists which has direct access to the factory / principal.

Our Mechanics are available for on-site and emergency service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through our branch office, satellite office and service point.

Our service commitment is driven by our dedication to continuous improvement. This approach is demonstrated by our ongoing investment in our service infrastructure – "TRS"  Traknus Rapid Service, an integration system of CRM, SAP and Mobile application. This combines the benefits of technology with a human approach and links you to our global expertise, experiences and resources. PT Traktor Nusantara will guarantee customers to get On Time On Site (OTOS) service and On Time Solution (OTIS).


      In order to ensure equipment quality, also methods of equipment standard operation and procedures of daily maintenance, PT Traktor Nusantara provides services for all new unit, from Delivery On Site, Test on Site, Field Guidance, to Periodic Service 1, 2 and 3 to all customer.

      This program will identify customer engine condition in detail. The examination will be conducted with special testing equipment, also it can be done on site. The examination process includes equipment condition in general, recommendation, also consultation about equipment maintenance and equipment standard operation, as well spare parts necessity calculation.

      The recondition program aim to restore the equipment in good condition again or improved condition, close to new condition. Recondition program is a solution for quality and expense efficiency.

      - Maintenance Contract

      Through maintenance program, customer can enjoy the benefits from PT Traktor Nusantara professional mechanics. The periodic maintenance will be conducted according to manufacture’s recommendation and will be done on site.

      - Mechanic Contract

      PT Traktor Nusantara provides mechanics to work on site in pre-defined period of time. Our mechanics will fully-functioned fully-committed as a consultant and supervisor for the maintenance and repairment conducted by customer’s mechanic

      - Maintenance & Repair Contract 

      This program includes periodic maintenance - will be conducted according to manufacture’s recommendation - and also equipment repairment. With regard to this program, PT Traktor Nusantara will put the mechanic on site to conduct equipment repairment and maintenance. Spare parts supply not included

      - Full Maintenance Contract 

      This program aim to ensure the equipment to work properly and fully-functioned with flat rate in pre-defined period of time, including spare parts substitution, maintenance, also repairment

      In order to reduce downtime, PT Traktor Nusantara provide Component Exchange during repair or callibration customer component.

      The overhaul program aim to restore the engine, transmission, axle or hydraulic equipment in good condition close to the new condition. This program can be done on site or  all workshop PT Traktor Nusantara.

      In order to offer service PT Traktor Nusantara provide trained, experienced & equipped technicians to solve and give solution for customer within 24 hours, 7 days a week.

      In order to avoid downtime during overhaul program PT Traktor Nusantara provide completed generating set as an temporary backup until customer equipment ready for use.

      Oil machine analysis program at laboratory with the intention of stage in equipment-wear detection and identifying engine part damage in advance, without engine disassembly.