Our Part Division ready to support customers in order to obtain high-productivity equipment with low breakdown time.

Quick, accurate and thorough services, completed with in-depth analysis are main characteristics of Part Solution provided by PT Traktor Nusantara.

PT Traktor Nusantara has Parts Management System supported by SAP consist of :

  • Computerized inventory control
  • Online & real time inter branch transaction
  • Online ordering system to principal


To ensure On Time In Full (OTIF) service, PT Traktor Nusantara provides facilities consist of :

  • High part availability
  • National and branches warehouse with over 65.000 items stored
  • Spare parts delivery services
  • Electronic parts catalogue
  • Spare parts training and consultation


    This program will assist customer’s special needs, such as, Spare Parts Service Level Agreement, Spare Parts Inventory Management, Spare Parts Necessity Analysis, etc.

    This program will provide customers Fix Rate Program, Assist Customer’s Calculate, Maintenance Expenses & Free Spare Parts Consultation.

    This program will provide customers Fast Spare Parts Delivery, Easy Spare Parts Delivery & Placing Spare Parts at Remote Area.

    This program will provide customers Overhaul Package, Transmission Package, One Parts Number for Each Package & Competitive Price.

    In order supply the spare parts on All Traknus covered. Our branches and representative office and also supported by TN dealer authorized.

    PT Traktor Nusantara attempt to support every customer's operational activity by providing commodity solution. Beside spare parts, PT Traktor Nusantara provides commodity products with the best value such as oil, battery and tires which can be applied on all customer's brand equipment. Specifically for tire commodities, are  recently used on industrial, agricultural and transportation (truck).











      The availability of a lubricant to the right choice for support consumer business.

      - Traknus Protexo Oil CI-4 15W40
      A lubricant that created for a diesel engine heavy equipment latest technologically and conventionally (turbocharger, common rail and EGR system).
      Classification of API service CI-4, CH-4 or downgrade and JASO DH-1.

      • Excellent viscosity, oxidation control and dirt to piston
      • Excellent engine cleanliness in all service condition
      • Excellent oxidation stability to prolong engine oil life
      • Excellent protection against wear at start up
      • Suitable for usage of diesel fuel with high sulfur content and eco-friendly

      - Traknus Super Hydro VG-32
      A lubricant of Zinc-free hydraulic fluids formulated with highly refined hydro-treated base oil together with anti-wear, anti-oxidant and various additives to provide superior performance in hydraulic system.

      • Excellent heat resistance, oxidation and thermal stability
      • Extended oil change
      • Excellent anti-wear properties
      • Low pour point









      The availability of a tire (industrial, tractor, truck) to the right choice for support consumer business.

      - Forklift Tires

      1. BKT Forklift
      PL 801 has been specially designed from natural rubber based tread compound for logistics operations with forklifts and service on material handling equipment.

      • Excellent stability as well as high cut and chip resistance
      • Excellent load distribution
      • Ensures an extended tire life-cycle

      2. Trelleborg
      ELITE XP as the tire of choice of the global materials handling industry with forklift, unique design to provide superior performance with R&D

      • Excellent wear resistance, stability, and driver comfort
      • Excellent minimizes distortion increasing overall stiffness

      3. Achilles
      The A01 solid tire series are developed for heavy-duty use on forklift. The tires have solid tread pattern to provide optimum grip and traction in every condition. The A01 is designed to be an environment friendly tire with long durability and strong grip.

      • Side window for heat dissipation and comfort

      • Strong block pattern for better traction and smooth running

      • Tie bar for enhance block to block


      - Tractor Tires

      BKT TR 135 is best suitable for soil tillage and spraying application. Some sizes and versions are also suitable for tractor, traillers and harvesters. Traction, self-cleaning propertis and stability are key features which make the TR 135 tire the ideal partner even on the most difficult ground conditions.


      - Truck Tires

      PT. Traktor Nusantara has established cooperation in Agro Segment Business with PT. Industri Karet Deli since 2010 exclusively produces Traknus Xtreme Tire Traction Heavy Duty SK - 896 which has many advantages, such as Traknus standard tire, traction function and long mileage .

      Traknus Battery consist of conventional and maintenance free battery with capacity range 50 - 200 Ah which already certified by Indonesian Standard - Standar Nasional Indonesia (SNI). Each battery has two types of battery which are “Extreme Power” and “Extra Heavy Duty”.