25 August 2022 News

TRAKNUS Rapid Service Project Kick Off 2.0

Jakarta (23/08), PT Traktor Nusantara held the TRAKNUS Rapid Service Project Kick-Off 2.0. This event was carried out in Hybrid in the BOD-1 Meeting Room and the Microsoft Team Platform. The launch of TRAKNUS Rapid Service was attended by PT Ecomindo, PT United Tractors, Widjaja Kartika, Ferdinand Widjaja, and members of the Traktor Nusantara's Service Division.


The event started with filling in attendance and continued with a greeting speech by Ferdinand Widjaja as Service Division Head. In his speech, he conveyed TRAKNUS Rapid Service's background, which was inspired by the voice of a customer who wanted a report or update on the latest mechanical activity. As the first step in digitizing the Traktor Nusantara service, TRAKNUS Rapid Service can make a maintenance schedule from the Traktor Nusantara side and from the customer side, who can see the movement of reporting and quality of work in real-time. Ferdinand Widjaja hopes that this digitalization process can continue and be successful.


Dodi Darundriyo, as Chief Operation Officer of PT Ecomindo, continued his remarks by conveying several hopes for a sustainable digital transformation through this project. Then, in detail about the TRAKNUS Rapid Service project, M. Hasrul Ma'ruf, as Project Manager, conveyed several advantages, the big picture of TRAKNUS Rapid Service, Product Roadmap, Service Business Process, and Genset Status Dashboard, which gives a big picture of the TRAKNUS Rapid Service project.


The peak event was symbolically carried out through the appearance of a video showing the Project Organization of TRAKNUS Rapid Service, as well as several advantages that can be a profitable digitization step, both from the Traktor Nusantara side and the customer.


At the end of the event, Widjaja Kartika, the President Director of Traktor Nusantara, gave closing remarks by expressing his hope for the TRAKNUS Rapid Service project so that in the future, this project could run well. Furthermore, Widjaja Kartika hopes that TRAKNUS Rapid Service can balance our customer needs and customer satisfaction which is the primary goal of this project. (PAS)



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