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05 July 2024 News

Joint Working Program Traktor Nusantara & United Tractors Strategic Steps to Exp...

JAKARTA - PT Traktor Nusantara (TRAKNUS) together with PT United Tractors Tbk (UT) are continuing their collaboration to develop the heavy equipment business through the Joint Working Program (JWP). The main objective of this collaboration is to promote and support TRAKNUS unit sales and product support to the UT customer base. The difference in business line base between UT and Traknus customers is seen as an opportunity, so this collaboration is important for TRAKNUS, especially in improving and expanding its business scope. With this collaboration, it is hoped that TRAKNUS can reach more customers, especially in segments not touched by TRAKNUS.

Joint working program traktor nusantara united tractors 1

In the Discovery Room, UT Learning Center, the event began with a presentation and discussion session involving all participants. Some of the main discussions start with a discussion of the differences in customer base between UT and TRAKNUS and how JWP can help overcome these differences, then a discussion of the form of cooperation that will be implemented through JWP, an explanation of the marketing plan for JWP and the strategies that will be implemented, setting JWP targets for the short and long term, as well as discussions regarding identified business potential and future business development plans.

Joint working program traktor nusantara united tractors 2

Ferdinand Widjaja, as Material Handling Product Support Division Head, explained that this synergy is something that TRAKNUS especially needs to attract more potential customers. "If you look at TRAKNUS's branch composition and manpower, which is not yet as large and large as UT, this JWP could be the answer to reaching companies that are not yet TRAKNUS' customer base," he added.

David Raka Budi Cahya as Material Handling Business Director emphasized the importance of JWP in expanding TRAKNUS coverage, "This JWP is important for expanding TRAKNUS coverage, especially in customer mining which has become UT's key account and has not been touched by TRAKNUS. This JWP is also a means of increasing sales channels TRAKNUS," he said.

Joint working program traktor nusantara united tractors 3

This event was attended by 40 participants consisting of TRAKNUS, namely Harijadi Mawardi, David Raka, Handi Wibowo, all TRAKNUS Operation General Managers, TRAKNUS Operation managers, and Product Marketing & Product Support representative staff. From UT, Rudy Poerwanto UT General Manager of Service, Daniel Mollet, UT Parts General Manager, and UT Product Support Manager were present. With this event, it is hoped that collaboration between UT and TRAKNUS through JWP can increase TRAKNUS market penetration and strengthen TRAKNUS' business position in untouched segments. It is hoped that this collaboration program will not only expand TRAKNUS' coverage but also add more effective and efficient sales channels.

This Joint Work Program is expected to be a strategic step for TRAKNUS and UT in developing business synergies. By utilizing each other's strengths to achieve common goals, this collaboration program is also expected to have a significant positive impact on both parties and as an embodiment of the Astra Value Chain within the Astra group, especially AHEMCE. (CYS)

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