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05 July 2024 News

Family Gathering 2024 Traktor Nusantara: Bersama Nusantara Untuk Keberlanjutan

Traktor Nusantara (TRAKNUS) this year again held a face-to-face Family Gathering after the last one was held in 2022. This Family Gathering event is the closing of a series of activities to celebrate TRAKNUS 50th Anniversary, held at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) on Saturday, June 22, 2024. This event was attended by the big family of TRAKNUS Group covering the Board of Director (BOD), Division Head, Managerial, and TRAKNUS Group head office personnel and their families, also included all Best Employee 2024 Finalists from across the archipelago.

1. knews edisi w1 juli 2024 family gathering 2024 traktor nusantara

The Family Gathering attendees have been seen in the TMII South Plaza Parking Lot since 07.00 WIB registering at the entrance gate, then capturing documentation at the Photo Booth with their families. The joy of the big family of TRAKNUS Group has begun to be felt since setting foot in the organizing arena which in the morning was immediately greeted by Zumba, followed by an exciting adventure of various competitions which certainly aroused mutual joy. Entertainment facilities also add to the excitement of the children who attend with play zones, bouncers, painting corners, agility competitions, and Kak Ryan's fairy tale performances.

This arena of joy is elegantly designed so that it feels comfortable, safe, and neat with a large tent that adds coolness and is supported by a large stage. On the right and left sides of the hospitality location, food trucks have been prepared with a variety of appetizing dishes and drinks.

The 2024 Family Gathering was captained by Andrey Buana Rusli, with the director of the Fuad Insan Muttaqin show and team leaders Resti Anggraeni, Gita Mariana, Sri Mahendra YR, Tri Mulyono, Yudha F Sinaga, M Adam Ghafarry, Eko Wasito, and the entire team who supported the success of the event.  

2. knews edisi w1 juli 2024 family gathering 2024 traktor nusantara

Beginning with a prayer together, the event was opened by the famous Master of Ceremony (MC) Errol and Revi simultaneously singing Mars Astra and Bagimu Negeri, enlivening the RAPID greeting and playing a video of the TRAKNUS journey. A spectacular performance of Saman Dance was performed which reflected the Family Garthering event is full of diversity value, cohesiveness value and togetherness value.

Kumandang Family Gathering celebration on this sunny day, the MC began by greeting all TRAKNUS Group personnel who were present, then introduced the BOD by calling the BOD one by one and inviting them to stand with their families who had attended. After that, the MC invited President Director Harijadi Mawardi to come on stage to give a speech and say a few words. 

3. knews edisi w1 juli 2024 family gathering 2024 traktor nusantara

"Praise and gratitude to God Almighty, for His grace and blessings, TRAKNUS has managed to overcome challenges and carve many glorious achievements through a long journey for five decades, so that today we can gather with the big family of TRAKNUS Group in celebrating its 50th anniversary. On this happy day, the Family Gathering is held again after passing through the pandemic period, as well as this moment provides an opportunity for me to introduce myself and to get to know each other in the big family of TRAKNUS Group, "said Harijadi Mawardi in his speech, still standing on the stage hitting the Gong as a symbolic sign of the opening of the Traktor Nusantara Family Gathering. 

4. knews edisi w1 juli 2024 family gathering 2024 traktor nusantara

The roar of excitement was increasingly radiated on the faces of the workers after the MC announced the Doorprize and Grand prize drawing rounds distributed to all TRAKNUS Group workers, for workers who won the Grand prize were invited up on stage to receive prizes. 

The series of events held this time were quite dense but did not dampen the enthusiasm of the participants who attended. Moreover, in this session the MC proclaimed the winners of various competitions and awards in the Porseni championship to climb on stage. The next thrilling seconds that have certainly been awaited, namely appreciation for the Best Employee 2024 Finalists based on 2023 performance, were announced at this grand event as a form of glorification and praise for the achievers as follows:

Best Employee Generalist 1:

  • Wawan Suwandi - Jakarta Branch (Service)
  • Ike Diana Sartika - Pekanbaru Branch (Cashier)
  • Pamiasto Purwono - Jakarta Head Office (Finance & PDCA)

Best Employee Generalist 2:

  • Nico Agusta - Jakarta Head Office (General Affairs)
  • Yoga Ruki Garda - Jakarta Head Office (Parts Marketing)
  • Abdul Afu - Jakarta Head Office (STS&W)

Best Mechanic A :

  • Restu Nugroho - Surabaya Branch
  • Ahmad Noer - Jakarta Branch
  • Andika Eko Saputro - Sampit Branch

Best Mechanic B :

  • Sarjito - Jakarta Branch
  • Asrofi Nur - Sampit Branch
  • Kamalek - Jakarta Branch


Best Part & Service Sales

  • Probo Wiratsongko - Semarang Branch
  • Indra Aryansyah - Lampung Branch
  • Harun Haryanto - Jayapura Branch

Best Business Consultant :

  • Muhammad Solihin - Jakarta Agro
  • M Haris Fakhrullah - Jakarta Toyota Sales Area 2
  • Febrialdy - Jakarta Power Generation Group 1
5. knews edisi w1 juli 2024 family gathering 2024 traktor nusantara

Another form of appreciation that was reported was the awarding of certificates by the Board of Directors to employees with a Service Period of 10, 15, 20, and 30 Years who were also invited to the stage. 

6. knews edisi w1 juli 2024 family gathering 2024 traktor nusantara

At the end of the 2024 Family Gathering festivities, TRAKNUS Group employees were invited to have fun through the performance of Ajojing Band, before the horrendous performance of the guest star, Wali Band.

7. knews edisi w1 juli 2024 family gathering 2024 traktor nusantara

Wali Band's performance closed the series of events amazingly seen from the interest of TRAKNUS Group People who attended, then the MC closed the event and retreated followed by photos together.

At the end of this 2024 Family Gathering event, we not only celebrate Traktor Nusantara's 50th anniversary, but also reaffirm our commitment to continue together in togetherness and sustainability. The warm and joyful atmosphere that we feel is a reflection of the strength of the brotherhood that has been established. May this moment be a reminder that we always have a big family that supports and appreciates each other. Thank you to everyone who participated and made this event so special. Let us continue to move forward together, creating a more glorious and sustainable future for Traktor Nusantara and for all of us.  

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