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02 August 2023 Event

I-SHARE 2023 “Meniti Asa Menuju InnovAstra”

Jakarta (02/08) – TRAKNUS Group held its second Innovation Sharing Experience (I-SHARE) event this year on 2 August. This time I-SHARE carries the theme "Meniti Asa Towards InnovAstra" with a focus on sharing tips and learning how to prepare good papers with expert speakers from AMDI's Corporate Innovation and Management Development team (Astra Management Development Institute). The I-SHARE event was held online through Microsoft Teams and was attended by more than 215 TRAKNUS Group employees throughout Indonesia.

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This activity took place at 08.30-12.00 WIB which was opened with remarks from Mr. David Raka Budi Nurcahya as Director In Charge of Innovation. In his remarks, David Raka hoped that employees would have faith, agree, and appreciate the implementation of this innovation. Thus, process improvements, creation of new processes, trimming processes that may be too layered, and reduction and optimization of costs can be realized so that they should provide positive benefits from the financial aspect of the company. At the end of his remarks, David Raka reminded that starting this year the company has launched an appreciation for innovators who have implemented innovation projects based on sustainability and encouraged employees to carry out projects on this basis.

After the opening, Muhamad Ibnu Sina from the PDCA, AMS & Innovation Team was present as Moderator guiding the event which was divided into 2 segments. The first segment discussed "Tips & Tricks to become InnovAstra Finalist" presented by Jonny from AMDI. Jonny started the session by telling about InnovAstra's long journey that began in 1980 with the introduction of TQC - Total Quality Control and the SS-QCC Convention was first held in 1982, until the addition of the newest category "Design Thinking" in 2020. Then, Jonny explained to InnovAstra's treatise writing can use various methodologies (8 Steps Improvement / DMAIC / DMADV / TRIZ / Design Thinking) as long as the treatise is written systematically with the following systematics:

1. Business situation

2. Identification of problems/customer needs

3. Alternative ideas/solutions

4. Solution implementation

5. Evaluation results: Tangible (NQI Ratio) & Intangible

6. Monitoring

Jonny added the writing of the minutes must meet various InnovAstra assessment criteria, namely performance, winning team, winning concept, and winning system (3W). To get an optimal score, the 3W aspects must be explained through the presentation of concepts, strategies, and systems as clearly as possible, as well as a strong presentation of execution or implementation. In addition, of course, the performance aspect must be able to display intangible (non-monetary) benefits in terms of actual achievement compared to targets and tangible (monetary) benefits and from a Net Quality Income (NQI) ratio, which is obtained from the net difference in the value of project benefits minus past project costs. compared to project costs: (Project Benefit – Project Cost) / Project Cost.

The second segment discusses the "TRAKNUS Representative's Paper Review" often referred to as a review of the treatise/innovation paper representing the TRAKNUS Team at InnovAstra the previous year. Aurelia Christefa from AMDI discussed Bachtiar Yusuf's Suggestion System (SS) treatise from the Application Engineering Department and Jonny discussed the treatise from Value Chain Innovation (VCI) Muhammad Adam Ghafarry from the Marketing Communication Department. Both parties reminded all innovation minutes to always add company introductory information and project correlations with KPIs or strategies from the related innovator departments/divisions at the beginning of the minutes. Apart from that, it is also necessary to embed Problem Identification Corrective Action in the minutes to show the monitoring process during the implementation of innovation projects.

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For innovation friends who haven't had the opportunity to watch live, you can watch the recording via the following link

The company periodically shares insights and knowledge related to innovation through various media (I-COMIC,I-MARK, I-NSIGHT, I-PAPER, I-SHARE, I-STORE) as an effort to increase knowledge and foster a culture of innovation.

Finally, don't forget to submit Paper Submission Phase 3 for TRAKNUS Innovation 2023 before August 11, 2023.

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