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16 June 2022 Event

Harmony In Diversity - 48th Anniversary Of Traktor Nusantara

Jakarta (14/06)– On June 11, 2022, PT Traktor Nusantara celebrates its 48th anniversary. Carrying the theme "Harmony in Diversity," TRAKNUS's Anniversary sent a message to all of TRAKNUSian spread throughout Indonesia that diversity and differences are not a matter, but it could provide a spirit of unity from diversity. The celebration of PT Traktor Nusantara's anniversary was Live from the Jakarta Head Office and held in a hybrid with all Traktor Nusantara branches in Indonesia via zoom and youtube Live.

Hut 1

The event began with singing Mars Astra and Bagimu Negeri and continued with greetings from Muhammad Mansyur as Chairman of the TRAKNUS-SHN Workers Union, then greetings by Widjaja Kartika as President Director of PT Traktor Nusantara, and last greetings welcome is by Frans Kesuma as President Director of PT United Tractors Tbk and Director In Charge AHEMCE.

Hut 2

At that happy moment, Traktor Nusantara did not forget to appreciate the services of the employees who have worked at Traktor Nusantara. It is recorded that there are 66 employees spread across all Traktor Nusantara branches and are categorized from 10 years to a maximum of 30 years of work. This ceremony is a form of respect for all employees who have dedicated themselves and loyally contributed to bringing progress together for Traktor Nusantara.

Hut 3In the next series of events, Traktor Nusantara also wants to give awards to Best Employee, which consists of several categories, including Best Mechanic A and B, Best Part Sales and Service, Best Business consultant, and Best Non-Specialist Employee. After going through a lengthy selection process and careful evaluation, finally 15 employees were selected who were entitled to 1 -3 winners in each category.

Hut 4

The peak event of Traktor Nusantara's birthday celebration was marked by the cutting of Tumpeng as a form of success and gratitude for the new age and new hope of Traktor Nusantara. We wish the best for the future of the company and all Traktor Nusantara personnel.

 Hut 5

The series of events for the anniversary of Traktor Nusantara started with a competition that all employees both at the Head Office and branch offices could participate in. Several competitions were held, such as Tiktok Challenge, IG Best Photo, Creative Team Profile Video, and several online game competitions that also give more happiness to TRAKNUS 48th Anniversary celebrations.

 Hut 6

As a form of appreciation and big thanks for the hard work of all Traktor Nusantara employees, the TRAKNUS Anniversary committee also invited one of the leading comedians in Indonesia, Sadana Agung, who provided entertainment to all employees in Traktor Nusantara and presented in hybrid by zoom and youtube. 

 Hut 7

At the age of 48 years, Traktor Nusantara is committed to always providing the best service to customers and also continues to be trusted as a #PartnerInProgress from Sabang to Merauke. Happy Birthday, Tractor Nusantara, Greetings Nusantara! (PAS)

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