31 January 2023 Article

Traknus S-Series: The Best Power Generation Solution

Perkins is a British company that has been established since 1932. Perkins is known as a provider company of diesel engines and the world's leading gas with the widest range of innovative and reliable power solutions tailored to meet customer needs. As the exclusive distributor of Perkins in Indonesia, Traktor Nusantara together with the Power & Air Solution Division provides superior power generators, namely Traknus S-Series generators. The Traknus S-Series generator is a generator that can be used as a solution, especially for consumer businesses as a backup source of electricity. The Traknus S-Series generator set was designed by an engineer experienced with high competence to create a power plant that has outstanding quality and performance.

S series 2

The following are the advantages of the Traknus S-Series generator:

Standard World Engine

Genset Traknus S-Series uses Perkins engine which has high quality and has been recognized internationally. Perkins engine the Traknus S-Series generator set is developed to provide maximum performance when used. Traktor Nusantara offers various power variants of Traknus S-Series generators ranging from 10 kVA to 1000 kVA. This power variant can be adjusted to consumer needs.

Futuristic Alternator and Control Panel

The alternator used in the Traknus S-Series generator is Leroy Somer. The Leroy Somer alternator is a high-quality generator and has guaranteed installation that can be used for a long time. Unlike the alternator, the control panel on the Traknus S-Series generator uses Smartgen Digital with a scratch-resistant screen and all parameters use digital modulation which has better reliability and stability.

Easy and Inexpensive Maintenance

Apart from the various advantages in terms of products, the Traknus S-Series generator also has an affordable price with various advantages offered. This competitive price makes the Traknus S-Series generator the main product of choice for consumers so that Traktor Nusantara has a superior position compared to its competitors. In addition, the Traknus S-Series generator has low operating costs, starting from saving the use of oil and filters, up to 20% biodiesel operation. The Traknus S-Series generator is also equipped with a warranty of up to 2 years to ensure consumers are satisfied with the product they receive.

S series 3

Guaranteed After-Sales Service

Traktor Nusantara is committed to providing the best service for consumers by providing the best after-sales service. One of the after-sales services provided by Traktor Nusantara is for Traknus S-Series generator products by fulfilling spare parts, maintenance services and unit repairs handled by competent and certified mechanics. After-sales service for Traknus S-Series generators is expected to be able to provide satisfaction to consumers.

Traknus S-Series generators can be used for a variety of consumer needs, such as residential, offices, apartments, shop houses, hospitals, and so on. Traknus S-Series generators are available in two types, viz silent type suitable for open areas(outdoor) and open type suitable for use in closed areas(indoor).

S series 4

Many advantages can be obtained from the Traknus S-Series generator, starting from an engine with global standards, a futuristic alternator, and a control panel, up to economical maintenance costs. Interested superiority does the Traknus S-Series generator have? Get more information about the Traknus S-Series generator via Traknus Contact Center at 1500 – 072 or WhatsApp at 0815-1106-1974. (IN)

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