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26 June 2023 Article

JLG 450A and 450AJ: Specifications and Features

When it comes to superior height-access equipment, few names stand out as prominently as JLG Industries, Inc. Founded in 1969 by the visionary John L. Grove, JLG has pioneered a revolution in the realm of access equipment with its range of efficient and safe solutions.

Among the diverse lineup of products that JLG offers, the JLG 450A and 450AJ articulating boom lifts stand tall with their unmatched performance and versatility. Through an intricate blend of advanced specifications and innovative features, these machines empower various industries to accomplish work-at-height operations more efficiently and safely.

Brief History of JLG

JLG Industries, Inc. is an American company globally recognized for its dedication to innovating the lift and access equipment industry. The enterprise was established in 1969 by John L. Grove, a forward-thinking entrepreneur committed to designing and manufacturing machinery that caters to various industries needs.

A pressing safety concern spurred the company's genesis. Grove had observed the significant hazards workers faced when operating at heights, inspiring him to create safer and more effective solutions. This situation was the momentum behind developing the first JLG aerial work platform—a product that revolutionized the industry.

One of the notable creations in this diverse product lineup is the JLG 450A and 450AJ articulating boom lifts. These machines embody the company's commitment to enhancing safety and productivity in work-at-height operations. They feature several advanced specifications and innovative features that set them apart in the market.

Today, JLG Industries, Inc. is recognized globally as a trusted leader in the access equipment industry. They have earned this reputation through their sustained commitment to innovation, quality, and safety - principles that John L. Grove ingrained in the company from its inception.

Beginning its journey from a modest garage and now standing as an eminent leader in the global industry, the evolution of JLG Industries signifies the potency of innovation and the pivotal role of safety in occupational environments. This progression emphasizes how one visionary's compelling foresight can substantially influence and enhance an entire industry.

Specifications of JLG 450A and 450AJ Articulating Boom Lift

Specifications of jlg 450a and 450aj articulating boom lift

The JLG 450A and 450AJ are prime examples of articulating boom lifts, machines designed to provide vertical elevation and reach in various environments. Their design offers versatility, allowing workers to maneuver over obstacles and reach elevated positions easily.

  • Platform Height: 13.72 m

The platform height refers to the maximum vertical elevation the machine can reach. A higher platform height enables workers to reach elevated areas securely and execute tasks efficiently, making it an essential specification for industries requiring vertical access like construction and maintenance.

  • Horizontal Outreach: 9.14 m (450A) & 7.62 m (450AJ)

The 450A has a horizontal outreach of 9.14 m, while the 450AJ offers 7.62 m. This measurement refers to the maximum distance the lift can extend horizontally from the machine's base. It provides flexibility and accessibility, allowing workers to reach areas that might otherwise be difficult or unsafe to access.

  • Platform Capacity (Unrestricted): 250 kg

The platform capacity indicates the total weight that the platform can support. It includes personnel and equipment, allowing for flexible operational planning based on personnel and equipment requirements.

  • Swing: 355 Degrees Non-continuous

The ability to swing or rotate 355 degrees facilitates superior maneuverability, enabling operators to reach their work area from multiple angles without needing to reposition the entire machine. This ability significantly enhances work efficiency and safety.

  • Weight: 7,190 kg (450A) & 6,418 kg (450AJ)

With weights of 7,190 kg for the 450A and 6,418 kg for the 450AJ, these models are robust enough to remain stable even at full extension. The machine's weight is vital to its stability, particularly when the boom is fully extended.

  • Drive Speed: 6.84 km/h

Their maximum drive speed of 6.84 km/h ensures quick and efficient repositioning on job sites. As such, the drive speed dictates how the machine can be repositioned, contributing to overall job efficiency.

  • Dual Fuel Engine: Kubota WG2503 61 hp

Choosing between a Kubota WG2503 61 hp dual fuel engine or a Deutz D2.9 L4 Tier 4 Final 49 hp diesel engine allows operators to select the most suitable power source for their specific operational conditions.

  • Diesel Engine: Deutz D2.9 L4 Tier 4 Final 49 hp

A dual-fuel or diesel engine offers adaptability, allowing operators to select the type best suited to their operational needs and environmental considerations.

  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 60.6 L

A fuel tank capacity of 60.6 L and a hydraulic system tank capacity of 136.27 L ensure extended periods of operation without frequent refills, enhancing productivity.

  • Hydraulic System Tank Capacity: 136,27 L

These durable and reliable tires provide stability and traction, enhancing safety, especially in challenging terrains.

  • Standard Tires: 33/1550 x 16.5 Foam Filled Lug Tread

The lug tread tires are designed for stability and traction, enhancing the machine's safety, especially on challenging terrains.

  • 180 Degree Hydraulic Platform Rotator

This feature allows operators to accurately adjust the platform's position, ensuring precise alignment with the work area.

JLG 450A and 450AJ Articulating Boom Lift Features

Jlg 450a and 450aj articulating boom lift features

Beyond their superior specifications, these JLG models also offer numerous unique features that enhance their value, including:

1. Equipped with Platform Console Machine Light Status Panel

This intelligent feature forms the heart of the user interface on these machines. The platform console has a light status panel that displays essential information about the machine's current operational status. 

Fuel levels, engine temperature, hydraulic pressure, and potential mechanical issues can be monitored in real-time. By alerting the operator of any imminent issues, it proactively prevents equipment breakdowns, promotes safety, and ensures operational efficiency.

2. Swing Out Engine Module Feature

Maintenance and repair are crucial aspects of equipment longevity and operational readiness. The swing-out engine module feature on the JLG 450A and 450AJ enhances serviceability by providing easy access to the engine compartment. 

This feature reduces the time spent on routine maintenance and urgent repairs by enabling swift and direct access to engine components. This user-friendly design reduces downtime, increases productivity, and extends equipment life.

3. Interactive Display at Ground Controls

The interactive display at the ground controls serves as a critical communication link between the machine and the ground operator. It allows for the monitoring and adjusting of various machine parameters from a ground-level standpoint, enhancing operational flexibility.

The interactive display supports troubleshooting and preventive maintenance by providing an overview of machine status, including potential issues or anomalies, contributing to overall efficiency and safety.

4. Control ADE® System

The Advanced Design Electronics (ADE) system represents a significant technological advancement in diagnostics and maintenance. With its superior diagnostic capabilities, the ADE system helps identify potential mechanical issues promptly.

By enabling operators and maintenance personnel to react quickly to issues, this feature minimizes downtime, maximizes productivity, and extends the overall lifespan of the machine.

5. Four-Wheel Hydrostatic Drive and Oscillating Axle

Mobility and stability are critical parameters in access equipment, and the JLG 450A and 450AJ have been covered. The four-wheel hydrostatic drive delivers smooth, precise control, facilitating navigation across diverse terrains.

Meanwhile, the oscillating axle allows all wheels to maintain contact with the ground, providing excellent stability, even on uneven surfaces. These features ensure enhanced machine control, safe operation, and optimal job performance.

6. Supported with Load Sensing System

This advanced feature plays a pivotal role in enhancing machine safety and performance. The load-sensing system adjusts the lift's operational parameters based on the current load, maintaining optimal performance while ensuring safety.

This system provides a level of automatic adaptability, thereby enhancing machine stability, prolonging equipment life, and promoting safer operations.

7. SkyGuard SkyLine Feature

The SkyGuard SkyLine feature represents JLG's commitment to operator safety. This emergency stop system can halt all machine functions if the operator encounters a sudden and unforeseen hazard. 

This feature enhances operator safety by stopping operations instantly during emergencies, reflecting JLG's core principle of prioritizing operator wellbeing.

8. Cold Weather and Hostile Environment Kit

Working in extreme environmental conditions presents unique challenges. The cold weather and hostile environment kit equip the JLG 450A and 450AJ to operate reliably under such conditions.

This feature ensures the machine remains operational in intense cold, heat, dust, or moisture, offering a level of resilience that guarantees reliable performance and longer service life.

9. Equipped with Accessories Package

The JLG 450A and 450AJ lifts come equipped with a versatile accessories package, further enhancing their functionality. Various attachments can be added to the platform depending on the task requirements. These accessories include material handling trays, pipe racks, and glazier kits.

They enhance the versatility of the machines, enabling them to adapt to the unique needs of each job. By offering customizable functionality, JLG ensures its machines can perform a wide range of tasks beyond mere height access, enhancing productivity and job site efficiency.

The JLG 450A and 450AJ articulating boom lifts are not just machines; they empower businesses, enabling them to reach new heights of productivity and success. With their robust specifications and advanced features, these machines ensure safety, efficiency, and high performance, making them an invaluable asset to any industry requiring height work. They exemplify JLG's commitment to innovation and quality, solidifying their position as leaders in the access equipment industry.

Are you interested in the JLG 450A and 450AJ models? Call 1500-072 or message us on WhatsApp at +62815-1106-1974! Be sure to contact us immediately if you are still searching for what you need.

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