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20 February 2024 Article

HSC Cranes Range of Products with Specifications

HSC Cranes are synonymous with strength and precision in the machinery industry. Tailored to a broad spectrum of tasks, from lifting hefty materials to precise positioning in complex environments, HSC Cranes are engineered to boost efficiency and simplify challenging projects. 

There is a diverse range of HSC Cranes, each model is meticulously selected for its unique attributes and capacity to meet the rigorous demands of various industries. 

Here, you'll gain comprehensive insights into the specifications and capabilities of each crane, aiding you in making informed decisions for your machinery requirements. 

About Sumitomo and HSC Cranes

Sumitomo Heavy Industries, a leader in technological innovation, has been a critical player in the crane industry for years. In 2021, they took a significant step by becoming the sole owner of HSC Cranes. 

This move was a strategic decision to enhance their presence in the global crane market. The journey of HSC Cranes began with a partnership between Sumitomo and Hitachi Construction Machinery in 2002. 

This collaboration combined Sumitomo's advanced technology with Hitachi's expertise in construction machinery, leading to the creation of HSC Cranes. These cranes are known for their reliability, advanced technology, and ability to meet the diverse needs of various industries.

HSC Cranes Range of Products with Complete Specifications

Each model of HSC Cranes is crafted with precision and purpose. The E-Series, a standout in this lineup, exemplifies the blend of power and innovation that HSC Cranes are known for.

  • HSC Cranes E-Series

Artikel traknus hsc cranes allartboard 2

The E-Series from HSC Cranes represents a leap in crane technology, offering powerful and user-friendly models. This series is designed to tackle many tasks quickly and efficiently.

  • Hydraulic Crawler Crane SCX550E

The SCX550E is a marvel of engineering, boasting a maximum lifting capacity of 55 tons at a working radius of 3.7 meters. Its boom stretches from 10.0 to 52.7 meters, while the crane jib can extend from 6.0 to 15.0 meters, offering remarkable versatility. 

The combined length of the boom and crane jib can reach up to 58.5 meters, allowing for impressive reach and flexibility in various lifting scenarios. Powered by an ISUZU 6HK1 engine, it delivers a robust 140 kW of power at 2,000 rpm.

  • Hydraulic Crawler Crane SCX800E

The SCX800E is designed for heavier lifting, with a maximum load capacity of 80 tons at a 3.2-meter radius. The crane's boom has an impressive range of 9.5 to 54.5 meters, and the crane jib length varies from 9.0 to 18.0 meters. 

The boom and crane jib can extend up to 63.5 meters, providing substantial reach. The SCX800E is powered by the same reliable ISUZU 6HK1 engine, ensuring consistent performance with an output of 140 kW at 2,000 rpm.

  • HSC Cranes SCX -3 Series

Artikel traknus hsc cranes allartboard 3

The SCX -3 Series stands out for its enhanced capabilities and technological advancements. These cranes are built to handle heavier loads with precision and efficiency, making them ideal for large-scale operations.

  • SCX800A-3 11T

The SCX800A-3 11T is an 80-tonne hydraulic crawler crane, a powerhouse in lifting technology. It boasts a maximum boom length of 54.5 meters and when combined with the crane jib, it reaches a distance of 42.5 + 18 meters. 

The crane is powered by a robust Cummins QSB6.7 engine, delivering an impressive 201 kW of power. Its ground contact pressure is 93.1 kPa with link shoes, ensuring operation stability and safety.

  • SCX1000A-3

With a 100-tonne lifting capacity, the SCX1000A-3 features a maximum boom length of 60 meters, extending to 51 + 28 meters with the crane jib. Driven by an Isuzu 6HK1 engine, it generates 210 kW of power. 

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  • SCX1200-3

This 120-tonne hydraulic crawler crane has a maximum boom length of 75 meters and a combined boom and crane jib length of 57 + 28 meters. It's powered by an Isuzu 6HK1 engine with 201 kW output.

  • SCX1500A-3

The SCX1500A-3 is a formidable 150-tonne hydraulic crawler crane. It features a maximum boom length of 75 meters. Powered by a Cummins QSB6.7 engine, it delivers 201 kW of power.

  • SCX1800A-3

The SCX1800A-3 raises the bar with a 160-tonne lifting capacity. It boasts an impressive maximum boom length of 84 meters and a combined boom and crane jib length of 75 + 31 meters. 

Equipped with the same Cummins QSB6.7 engine as the SCX1500A-3, it also delivers 201 kW of power.

  • SCX2800A-3

With a 275-tonne lifting capacity, the SCX2800A-3 has a maximum boom length of 91.45 meters and a combined boom and crane jib length of 70.1 + 36.5 meters. This model is driven by a Cummins QSL9 engine, producing a substantial 272 kW of power.

  • SCX3500-3

At the top of the range is the SCX3500-3, a 350-tonne hydraulic crawler crane. It features a maximum boom length of 72 meters and a remarkable combined length of 60 + 60 meters with the crane jib. 

Like the SCX2800A-3, it is powered by a Cummins QSL9 engine, offering 272 kW of power.

  • Telescopic Crawler Crane

Artikel traknus hsc cranes allartboard 4

The Telescopic Crawler Crane category from HSC is a testament to innovative engineering, offering cranes that combine telescopic booms' convenience with crawler tracks' mobility.

  • 650TLX

This crane boasts a maximum lifting load of 65 tonnes at a working radius of 3.0 meters, making it highly capable of various lifting tasks. Its boom extends from 10.0 meters to 30.1 meters, providing significant reach. 

Powered by an Isuzu 6HK1 engine, the 650TLX delivers a robust 210 kW of power. This crane is designed for efficient movement, achieving a travel speed of 1.7 km/h.

Where to Buy Best HSC Cranes

For those looking to purchase top-quality HSC cranes, Traknus is an excellent choice. We are Indonesia's go-to distributor for high-quality HSC cranes. Our partnership with HSC Cranes has enabled us to offer a range of superior heavy equipment tailored to meet diverse needs.

When you choose Traknus, you're not just buying a crane but investing in a package of reliability and excellence. Our commitment to your satisfaction begins with a meticulous Pre-Delivery Inspection, ensuring that every crane we deliver meets the highest standards. 

Post-purchase, our support continues with free inspection and periodic maintenance services. Regular maintenance is vital to prolonging the life of your crane and maintaining its optimal performance. If your crane requires more extensive care, our Overhaul and Recondition services, operated by our team of certified mechanics, are at your disposal.

Our team is available around the clock to assist you. Feel free to contact us anytime through the Traknus Call Center at 1500-072 or on WhatsApp at +62815-1106-1974 for any queries or needs.

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