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16 March 2023 Article

Genset Recommendations for Various Needs

A genset, short of a generator set, has turned into a vital part of the residence, office, and industrial settings. In our modern life, gensets act as a stand-in power source during power outages. In addition, it supplies electrical power to remote and developing locations.

There are several options for great gensets on the market nowadays. Choosing the best and right one for your various or specific needs might be daunting. However, you will find many genset recommendations, including those suitable for residential to industrial use, in this article. Read the latest information about gensets in the section below.

What Is Genset?

A generator set or genset refers to a portable or stationary combination of an engine and an electrical generator. It produces a source of electrical power. Most gensets are used in remote and developing areas where there are no connected electrical grids.

Gensets also work in various locations with unreliable electrical grids, including homes, industries, and construction sites. They vary in size, generator, and energy. Smaller gensets are suitable for homes or outdoor events, while larger ones are advisable for large-scale operations such as hospitals, call centers, and construction sites.

The power produced by a genset is measured in two units: kVa (Kilo-Volt-Ampere) and kW (kilowatts). kVa refers to the apparent power, the total power utilized. Meanwhile, kW represents the actual power transformed into usable electrical output.

What Is Genset Used For?

A wide range of industries relies on gensets to supply stable electrical power, depending on their specific needs, location, and purpose. However, the actual applications of gensets are not limited to one particular industry. One genset model can support various sectors sharing similar requirements and electrical equipment.

1. Backup Power

Locations with unreliable or no electrical grids use gensets as a backup power source during power outages. It supplies electrical power for activities in remote locations, including mining operations, construction sites, and evacuation zones.

In addition, a generator set acts as a backup power source to provide electricity when the primary power source or power grid fails. For example, gensets can be essential for residential backup power to keep electrical appliances running. 

For businesses and industrial facilities, gensets can be backup power sources to supply constant electrical power to keep critical services and systems operational in case of a power outage.

2. Emergency Response Situations

Gensets are the best solution for many emergency cases where an unstable electrical power source or sudden loss of it can cause serious consequences. For example, emergency response vehicles such as ambulances and fire trucks need gensets to supply the necessary electrical power.

Also, healthcare facilities and emergency services for disaster relief require a constant power supply because such buildings have a significant number of medical equipment and technology. In the unfortunate event of a power outage, gensets can provide backup power to keep essential equipment and services operational.

3. Temporary Power Source

As a temporary power source, a genset is applicable in a wide range of applications to provide a stable and reliable source of electricity. Examples of uses include outdoor events and festivals, construction sites, remote work sites, and military installations. 

Outdoor events and festivals need a temporary source of electrical power from a genset to run sound systems, lighting, and other devices. Meanwhile, remote work sites, construction sites, and military installations require gensets to operate some light and heavy electrical tools, especially if the activity happens at remote locations without access to power grids.

How Does Genset Work?
How does genset work

A genset comprises two main components, an engine and a generator (or an alternator). In simple terms, the engine converts the fuel's chemical energy to mechanical energy. Then, the generator rotor converts mechanical energy to usable and stable electrical energy.

The engine runs on various chemical energy such as gasoline, diesel, solar, natural gas, or propane. It burns the fuel in the engine's cylinders which moves the crankshaft. Next, the mechanical energy conversion happens when the crankshaft rotates and turns the rotor inside the generator.

The generator rotor produces an alternating current (AC) electrical output. The rectifier converts it into direct current (DC) power, followed by the transformation of DC power to stable AC power by the inverter. Lastly, the electrical load delivers stable electrical power to drive electrical equipment.

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Types of Genset

Open type and silent type genset

There are two main types of genset: open and silent types. Here is a brief explanation of each type.

1. Open Gensets

Open gensets are suitable for outdoor applications in open-air environments. They are loud when converting mechanical energy to electrical power due to having no enclosed soundproof canopy. You should place the genset under a roof to protect it from changing weather conditions.

Yet, these gensets are mobile and versatile because they can be easily moved and set up in whatever location. Examples of use include festivals, concerts, construction sites, and other outdoor activities where loud noises are not a problem.

2. Silent Gensets

In contrast, silent gensets are designed for indoor use. As the name suggests, this type of genset is enclosed in a soundproof canopy functioning to reduce the noise made by the engine and alternator. 

In addition, the soundproof canopy can protect the generator and engine from weather and environmental conditions. Hence, it increases the genset reliability and durability. Examples of use include residential areas, hotels, hospitals, offices, and other places where loud noises can disturb the restful environment.

Genset Recommendations

When considering buying a genset, you must choose a model that satisfies your specific requirements and applications. In addition, it is essential to consider the genset manufacturer's reputation. PT Traktor Nusantara, or Traknus for short, is a notable manufacturer in Indonesia.

Traknus has been an exclusive Perkins Engine distributor of gensets in Indonesia since 1976. There are two main types of recommendable Traknus S-Series Powered by Perkins Engine: open and silent. Its power ranges from 10 to 1000 kVA. Besides, each genset offered by Traknus has several advantages, including:

  • World Class Quality
  • Competitive Price
  • Official Perkins Engine Warranty for 2 years or a maximum of used for 2,000 hours
  • Supportive and Responsive After-Sales Service

Seasoned and qualified engineers design Traknus S-Series Genset as a solution for a high-performance and high-efficiency electrical power backup. This series has been proven to offer excellent airflow, fuel supply, safety, and ease of operation, able to meet specific environmental standards. 

Here are a few genset recommendations for Traknus S-Series Powered by Perkins Engine to keep in mind:


Traknus s series small series pl135ss open and silent type

This series covers a wide range of small genset consisting of open and silent types. The power produced by the gensets is available from 100 to 200 kVA. This class is appropriate for various applications such as small-scale industries, residential uses, stores, and branch banking operations. 


The PL10SS-PL20SS types consist of 3 genset models, with different power outputs: 10kVA, 15kVA, dan 20kVA. They have different sizes and weights. Yet, each provides 68 liters of fuel tank capacity with dimension 1442 x 800 x 1137 mm.


These types also comprise three genset models. Each offers a variety of power capacities, including 30 kVA, 45kVA, and 60kVA. They have a 118-liter fuel tank capacity for types with 45 kVA and 60 kVA power capacities, with dimensions of 1850 x 1000 x 1275 mm for the open types and 2300 x 1000 x 1400 mm for the silent types. Meanwhile 30-kVA-genset with silent type has 2200 x 950 x 1400mm dimension.


Traknus PL65SS - PL100SS models contain three gensets ranging from 65kVA, 80kVA, and 100kVA power outputs. They can handle 200 liters of fuel, except for the PL65SS (140 liters).

The dimensions of PL65SS and PL80SS are 2100x1000x1273 millimeters (open types) and 2550x1000x1400 millimeters (silent types). Meanwhile, the open types of PL100SS have 2150x1100x1326 millimeters dimensions and 2800x1100x1600 millimeters for the silent ones.


The PL135SS - PL200SS models consist of 4 gensets with varying power outputs of 135 kVA, 150kVA, and 200kVA. The first two have a 300-liter fuel requirement, while the last needs 340 liters.

The PL135SS and PL150SS have different dimensions: 2580x1100x1504 millimeters for the open types and 3250x1100x1734 millimeters for the silent types. Meanwhile, the PL200SS dimensions are 2650x1200x1677 millimeters (open types) and 3600x1200x1830 millimeters (silent types).


Traknus s series medium series pl400ss open and silent type

This series covers many medium-sized genset, consisting of open and silent types. The power produced by the gensets is available from 250 to 650 kVA. If you are looking for high-quality gensets for banking operations, agricultural industries, mining operations, construction sites, and offices, the following models can be the right choice for your requirements.


Consisting of 250 kVA, 300 kVA, and 350 kVA power capacities, the genset models require 400 liters and 500 liters of fuel. Each has a different weight ranging from 2,300 kilograms to 5,000 kilograms. PL250 open type has 2700x1120x1826 millimeters dimension, meanwhile the PL250 silent type’s dimensions are 3800x1400x1950 millimeters.

8. PL350SS - PL650SS (OPEN AND SILENT TYPE) [Prime Power 350 - 650 kVA]

These Traknus genset models are of medium size, with different power outputs of 350 kVA, 400 kVA, 500 kVA, 600 kVA, and 650 kVA. The fuel requirements for daily use range from 500 to 1,000 liters per day. PL300 and PL350 dimensions are 3100x1137x1755 millimeters for the open type and 4250x1500x215 millimeters for the silent type.


Traknus s series big series pl1000ss open and silent type

The big genset series consists of open and silent types, providing 750 to 1000+ kVA. The following gensets are suitable for large-scale operations such as banking, mining, healthcare facilities, data centers, and high-rise buildings. 


There are 3 genset models in this extensive series with 750 kVA, 770 kVA, and 800 kVA power capacities. They are heavyweight, around 5,308 kilograms for open types and 9,500 for silent types. These models require 1,000 to 1,300 liters of daily fuel.


The last big genset model has a 1,000 kVA power output, with additional gensets of 1,125 kVA, 1,250 kVA, 1,500 kVA, and 1,700 kVA. 

Gensets are significant in supplying electrical power for various applications and requirements. They are available in different sizes, power outputs, and types. Get the suitable genset for your various needs from Traknus S-Series Genset, offering high performance and quality in various settings.

Are you interested in our genset models? Call 1500-072 Ext. 2 or send us a message on Whatsapp at +62815-1106-1974 for more information!

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