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13 November 2023 Article

Enelore Lithium-ion Battery, Most Efficient for Your Forklifts

Forklifts can increase daily work efficiency for various industries. However, frequent battery issues can turn them into a liability. That's why Traknus endorses Enelore Lithium-ion batteries for your forklifts. 

These batteries aim to enhance efficiency and cut down on operational hurdles. If you're committed to elevating your business, consider switching to Enelore Lithium-ion batteries. Read on for more details about these batteries.

Get to Know First about Lithium-ion Battery

Lithium-ion batteries, often known as Li-ion, are efficient and reliable energy solutions. This battery consists of several key elements: anode (negative terminal), cathode (positive terminal), electrolyte (conductive material), and separator.

Lithium ions move from the anode to the cathode when the battery operates. This process produces an electric current that allows the forklift to function. Interestingly, when the battery is recharged, these ions return to the anode, allowing the battery to be used again.

Another advantage of Lithium-ion Batteries is the consistency of its output. Thanks to the ability of lithium ions to move back and forth between the anode and cathode, the electrical work from this battery remains stable. It allows the forklift to constantly operate at peak performance, regardless of how much power is left in the battery.

What Makes a Lithium-ion Battery Different from an Ordinary Battery?

What makes a lithium ion battery different from an ordinary battery

Why do Lithium-ion batteries stand out compared to other battery types like lead-acid or alkaline? Let's explore the distinctions:

1. Charging Efficiency

Lithium-ion batteries have a much faster charging speed than lead-acid batteries. This means your forklift can be back in operation in a shorter time, thus minimizing downtime.

2. Lifespan and Maintenance

Lithium-ion batteries have a lifespan that can reach two to four times longer compared to lead-acid or alkaline batteries. So, you can save operational costs in the long run. Also, your team does not need to add water or perform equalization as in lead-acid batteries, so they can focus on work without being disturbed by battery maintenance routines.

3. Performance Consistency

Lithium-ion batteries can maintain a stable electrical output, allowing the forklift to operate at peak performance continuously. It differs from alkaline batteries, whose performance will decrease as the battery power decreases.

Advantages of Lithium-ion Battery for Operating Forklifts

Advantages of lithium ion battery for operating forklifts

You can get many benefits in operational performance when using Lithium-ion Batteries for forklifts. Here are the seven benefits:

1. High Energy Efficiency

One of the main advantages of Lithium-ion Batteries is their high energy efficiency. Your machine can operate longer with one charge. This efficiency is significant, especially in industries that require non-stop operations, such as agriculture and construction. You don't have to worry that your machine will die in the middle of a function.

2. Longer Lifespan

With Lithium-ion Batteries, you can enjoy a two to four-times longer lifespan compared to lead-acid or alkaline batteries. So, you don't need to replace the battery frequently.

3. Simple Charging

The charging process of Lithium-ion Batteries is straightforward. You can do 'opportunity charging', that is, charging the battery when there is an opportunity, such as during meal breaks or shift changes. It means your forklift is always ready to be used whenever you need it without lengthy downtime.

4. Consistent Performance

Thanks to the ability of lithium ions to move back and forth between the anode and cathode, the electrical output from this battery remains stable. With consistent performance, you can better plan operations and avoid unnecessary downtime.

5. Space Optimization

The size and design of Lithium-ion Batteries are compact and flexible. This means you can utilize the existing space for other purposes, such as storage or work areas, ultimately increasing your operational efficiency.

6. Low Environmental Impact

This battery is more environmentally friendly than regular batteries. There are no harmful emissions produced. Because of its longer lifespan, the frequency of disposing of used batteries also decreases. This meets increasingly strict environmental standards and improves your company's image as an entity that cares about the environment

Why You Should Choose Enelore Lithium-ion Battery

Why you should choose enelore lithium ion battery

Enelore is designed to meet the needs of industries requiring forklifts, such as agriculture, construction, and machinery. This battery has been tested to ensure performance and reliability in even the most challenging working conditions.

Enelore offers advanced security features, including a battery management system that monitors battery conditions in real time. This ensures that the battery always operates under optimal conditions to reduce the risk of damage or failure that could disrupt operations.

Enelore also offers a more economical solution in the long run. You will save operational and maintenance costs with a longer lifespan and minimal maintenance requirements.

Range of Products Supported for Using Enelore Lithium-ion Battery

Range of products supported for using enelore lithium ion battery

Seven forklift products can combine the strength and efficiency of Enelore Lithium-ion batteries. Each offers specifications suitable for specific industrial conditions. Here's the explanation:

1. Toyota Forklift 8FBE18

Toyota Forklift 8FBR18 is one of the models from the 8FBR series designed to work efficiently in various operational conditions. With a maximum load capacity of 1,750 kg, this forklift has an overall width of 1,075 mm, a turning radius of 1,550 mm, and an overhead guard height of 1,980 mm.

In addition, this forklift has battery and motor specifications that include a minimum battery capacity of 48V/390Ah and a maximum of 48V/565Ah, a drive motor of 4.9x2 kW, a load handling motor of 9.2 kW, and an energy consumption of 3.4 KW/H.

2. Toyota Forklift 8FBN25

With a load capacity of up to 2,500 kg and a load center of 500 mm, this forklift is ideal for lifting heavy items. Its overall width is 1180 mm, allowing you to move quickly in spacious or narrow work areas.

The outer turning radius of 2000 mm provides more flexibility in maneuvering, with a head guard height of 2085 mm and a length to the fork tips of 2325 mm. You have better control when lifting or lowering loads.

From an energy perspective, this forklift has a minimum battery of 48V/565Ah and a maximum of 48V/725Ah. This ensures more extended and more efficient operation. Its drive motor has a power of 10.7 KW, while load handling is supported by an engine with a capacity of 12.2 KW.

3. Toyota Forklift 8FBR18

The 8FBR18 model is suitable for operations in confined spaces. With a load capacity of up to 1,250 kg, this forklift can easily lift heavy items. Its overall width is 1,090 mm, allowing it to move nimbly between racks or narrow aisles. Its electric motor has a power of 4.9 kW, while this forklift is equipped with an 8 kW motor for load handling.

From energy efficiency to safety, reliability to sustainability, Enelore provides an energy solution designed to meet every industrial need for a reliable forklift. If you want to learn more about how Enelore can help you achieve this goal, you can visit the Traknus website. There, you will find more detailed information about our various solutions.

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Don't miss the opportunity to maximize your efficiency and productivity. For further consultation, contact our Traknus Call Center at 1500-072 or via WhatsApp at +62815-1106-1974. We are always ready to help you find the most suitable solution.

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