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12 December 2023 Article

Canycom S25A FS vs Canycom S25A D4, What's The Difference?

While similar in their foundational design, the Canycom S25A FS and S25A D4 offer differences catering to varied needs. The S25A FS is renowned for its superior maneuverability and a unique 180° pivoting dump box, making it ideal for tight and challenging terrains. 

In contrast, although the S25A D4 shares the same engine power and payload capacity, it differs in certain vital aspects for different operational requirements. In this article, we aim to compare these two models to determine which best suits your specific working conditions.

Brief History of Canycom

Canycom, a Japanese brand, has a rich history that dates back to its establishment in 1960. Initially known as Chikusui Chemical Company, it started by manufacturing agricultural chemicals. 

However, the company soon shifted its focus toward machinery, developing its first mechanical product, a power sprayer, in 1962. The 1970s marked a period of expansion for Canycom. They introduced the first brush cutter in Japan in 1971, a groundbreaking tool in the agricultural sector. 

Followed by the development of tracked carriers in 1987, these products became a flagship product for the company. These carriers were designed to navigate rugged terrains, making them ideal for agriculture and construction industries.

Canycom's commitment to quality and innovation didn't go unnoticed. They quickly gained a reputation for producing durable and efficient machinery. This reputation helped them establish a significant presence in international markets.

The Differences between Canycom S25A FS and Canycom S25A D4

Moving on to the specifics, let's view the differences between the Canycom S25A FS and S25A D4!

Canycom S25 A FS

Canycom s25a fs

The Canycom S25A FS model stands out in heavy-duty machinery, particularly for its design and capabilities tailored to challenging environments. 

  • Specifications

Specifications of canycom s25a fs

A robust Kubota V2203 diesel engine powers this model. The motor delivers a substantial power output of 46 horsepower, which is more than adequate for demanding tasks in agriculture.

The S25A FS measures 147 inches in length, 66 inches in width, and 94 inches in height. The bed of the S25A FS, where materials are loaded, has inner dimensions of 86 x 52 x 20 inches.

One of the key features is its payload capacity, up to 5,510 pounds. This high payload capacity is complemented by a 2-speed hydrostatic transmission, which provides smooth control and efficient power distribution.

The machine's speed range is another notable aspect. It can travel up to 7.0 mph, allowing quick movement across worksites.

  • Main Features and Usages

Main features and usages of canycom s25a fs

The Canycom S25A FS has a standout feature: the 180° pivoting dump box. This unique design allows the precise and efficient unloading of materials, even in restricted spaces.

Another significant aspect is its heavy-duty rubber track undercarriage. This feature ensures minimal ground impact. The tracks provide excellent traction and stability, even on uneven or slippery terrain.

The ergonomic design enhances user comfort and safety. This is vital for tasks that require long hours of operation. The intuitive controls and spacious cabin area reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity.

Canycom S25A D4

Canycom s25a d4

The Canycom S25A D4, while sharing a foundational design with the S25A FS, has its unique specifications. 

  • Specifications

Specifications of canycom s25a d4

This model is also equipped with a Kubota V2203 diesel engine. The engine delivers a power output of 46 horsepower, similar to the S25A FS, providing sufficient strength for various heavy-duty tasks.

The S25A D4 mirrors the FS model in size, 147 inches in length, 66 inches in width, and 94 inches in height. The payload capacity allows operators to carry up to 5,510 pounds, matching the FS model's ability to transport heavy materials across different terrains. 

The S25A D4 also features a 2-speed hydrostatic transmission, which provides smooth and efficient control. The speed range of the S25A D4 is up to 7.0 mph, allowing for quick movement across worksites.

  • Main Features and Usages

Main features and usages of canycom s25a d4

The Canycom S25A D4 is distinguished by its unique features that make it suitable for different applications. One example is its robust undercarriage and track system. 

This design provides exceptional stability and traction, even on uneven or slippery surfaces, making it ideal for challenging outdoor environments.

Next is its user-friendly operation. The machine is designed with an intuitive control system, making it easy for operators to manage, regardless of their experience level. 

In terms of usage, the S25A D4 is particularly effective in construction and demolition settings. Its stability and power make it ideal for transporting heavy building materials, debris, and other loads across construction sites.

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How to Choose Which Canycom Crawler Suits You Most

When deciding, it's essential to consider the specific requirements of your work environment and tasks. The S25A FS, with its 180° pivoting dump box, is suited for tasks requiring precise material placement, such as in landscaping or construction projects with limited space.

Its heavy-duty rubber track undercarriage minimizes ground impact, making it ideal for work on sensitive surfaces.

On the other hand, the S25A D4, with its robust undercarriage and track system, offers superior stability and traction, making it more suitable for uneven terrains found in construction and demolition sites. 

Its user-friendly operation is a significant advantage for environments where operators frequently switch between machinery.

Maintenance and Care for Canycom S25A FS and Canycom S25A D4

For both the S25A FS and S25A D4, it's essential to conduct routine checks and servicing. This includes regular engine oil and filter changes. Additionally, checking and maintaining the hydraulic system plays a significant role in the machine's operation, especially in models that rely heavily on hydraulics for functionality.

The undercarriage of both models also requires attention. Regular cleaning to remove debris and inspection for wear and tear can prevent potential damage and extend the life of the tracks and undercarriage components.

Furthermore, inspecting the electrical system and ensuring all connections are secure and corrosion-free is advisable. This helps in avoiding electrical failures that can lead to operational downtime.

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